France Loto Makes Fairy Tales Come True

France Loto Makes Fairy Tales Come True

17 Apr 2014

In celebration of Easter weekend, The French National Lotto Organization released a short and amusing commercial to promote next draw's grand jackpot of €10 million!

France Loto is hosting a super draw this Saturday, April 19th, featuring an amazing €10 million first prize! This only happens several times a year, marking major events and holidays. With Easter nearing, it's a good chance to pile up some extra cash for vacation or shopping.

The French Lottery is known for creative advertising and campaigns and manages to surprise the viewer each and every time. This time, France Loto decided to use the tale of the goose that laid the golden eggs as inspiration and background story for a fantastic commercial.

The 30 second video calls players to buy France Loto tickets for the special draw and win big - with each golden egg representing a portion of the amazing prize!


In the first four months of 2014, France Loto turned 14 lucky players into millionaires! Potentially, the upcoming Saturday draw could add more players to the list. Will you be the winner of the special €10 million prize? Don't miss out on the chance to make your fairy tale come true!