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Florida Lotto Makes American Lottery Top 3

22 Aug 2013

America is known as the country where everything is BIG – and this week adds three super big lotteries to the nation’s list of supersized fun! The most exciting one is the Florida Lotto as it is at its highest jackpot for over a decade. With jackpots totaling $210 million for the upcoming draws, the American lotteries – Florida Lotto, US Powerball and Mega Millions – take three important spots in theBig and offer exciting jackpots!

Highest Jackpot for the Florida Lotto in 12 Years!

The Sunshine State lottery is on a rollover frenzy following 35 consecutive rollovers over a span of four months! The top prize for the nearing August 24 th draw is $58 million, making it not only the highest jackpot the Florida Lotto has offered since the beginning of 2013 but also the biggest in the past 12 years! This sunny lottery hasn’t seen a jackpot so high since September 2001. Created in 1998, the lottery’s highest jackpot was $106 million won in 1990 and the current first prize has the potential to break the lottery’s record.

Florida Lotto offers players biweekly draws on Wednesdays and Saturdays, four prize categories and winning odds beginning at 1:71. The rules of the game are simple: choose six numbers from a 1-53 guess range and keep your fingers crossed that you have a match! Players can buy lottery tickets for Florida Lottodraws online with theLotter.

Players participating in the Florida Lotto have 180 days to claim their prizes, but sometimes even that isn’t enough time. A decade ago, one of the lottery’s jackpot winners must have been unaware of the fact that the winning ticket was laying around in one the kitchen drawers, leading to the lottery creating a $53.7 million loser! As “one’s loss is another’s gain” – lottery officials put most of the win to good cause by transferring 80% to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund. Lottery players should keep their tickets close to heart – you never know when a piece of paper will be worth millions! Players on theLotter can rest assured this won’t happen to them as winners are notified through the site’s email and SMS winning alerts services.

US Powerball Search for Millionaire Ends this Sunday

The Florida Lotto 2003 winner who forgot to claim his prize is not alone in the ‘almost millionaire group’! Time is running out for August 25th ’s $1 million Powerball winner to claim the prize. The winning ticket was purchased at Playland Market, 488 Forest Avenue in Rye, and the lucky winner still has until Sunday to fish out the winning ticket. The draw’s winning numbers were: 1, 6, 7, 20, 49 and Powerball 23.

As opposed to that winner who may not be in need of that extra million, an August 7th $1 million Powerball winner claimed his prize last Friday. The winner, Sean Nelson (26), purchased a ticket for the lottery’s huge $448 million jackpot draw, and even though he didn’t win the jackpot he still feels like he struck gold! He successfully matched the first five winning numbers making him a new Powerball winner.

The upcoming Powerball is scheduled to take place this Saturday at 23:00 local time (04:00 GMT) and is offering players a shot at the $92 million jackpot! Powerball’s winning numbers can be found in theLotter’s online lottery results page.

Mega Millions Draw Tomorrow

The last lottery to close our list of American lotteries crowding theLotter’s theBig list is the Mega Millions. After multiplying the $12 million starting point, the lottery now offers players a chance to pocket the $60 million jackpot prize. This lottery is now #4 on theBig but may climb higher on the list after Friday’s draw if the jackpot rolls over for the eighth time! Interested players can buy online Mega Millions tickets for the draw can enter and perhaps brighten their weekend with an unexpected win from the nine prize categories offered!

theLotter would like to remind all lottery fans of the makeover Mega Millions will undergo come October 22nd. The “new” lottery will include changes which will lead to larger jackpot growth to this American lottery, which already holds the record for the world’s largest jackpot win of $656 million! Players can read more about the Mega Millions winning numbers and the changes to come on the lottery’s results page on theLotter.

Enjoy these American lotteries as they dominate theBig, which is constantly updated and presents the lotteries with the highest jackpots at the moment. theLotter wishes all its players good luck!