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EuroMillions UK – Millionaire Raffle Winner Stories

8 Jan 2013

The UK Christmas and New Year Millionaire Raffles guaranteed lottery fans that 50 new millionaires would be created in two seasonal super draws. As information on these lucky lotto winners goes public, two stories stand out as extra special!

Boxing Day Birthday Bonus

Most people holding onto a lottery ticket will tune into the televised draw, go online or subscribe to lottery alerts to check whether or not they won big as soon as possible - especially when the main draw is accompanied by a raffle that promises to make 25 millionaires in one night. Not so for one £1 million winner who chose to delay the potential gratification of winning to coincide with his birthday.

Music-lover Andrew Garth held a EuroMillions UK lottery ticket that included a courtesy code for the UK Christmas Millionaire Raffle for the same night. Andrew avoided news of lotto results, planning to check his ticket during a birthday party he was throwing to celebrate turning 29.

“I went to check my ticket a couple of times on Christmas Day, but I put it down because I thought it would make a better birthday present if I won. But you don’t really expect to win. It was just fantastic when I found out I had won.”

Andrew celebrated his win with friends and family at the Boxing Day birthday party, and has gone on to buy a couple of lavish birthday presents, including a new laptop and a 65” 3D television. The remainder of his massive win will help to pay off his mum and sister’s mortgages, and will allow the whole family to visit Andrew’s aunt in far-off Australia.

A Very Happy Accident

Waiting to check for lotto results is one thing, but when you ask a friend to buy you a scratchcard and instead they buy you a £1 million-winning UK New Year’s Millionaire Raffle lottery ticket, you know Lady Luck is looking right at you. Claire McManus and Scott Connah, both 30, were over the moon to find out that a forgivable mistake by an absent-minded friend ended up making them a new couple-millionaire!

“This is the best misunderstanding I’ve ever had. It is simply amazing,” says Claire. “We buy the odd scratchcard but don’t normally play the lottery - the news is still sinking in!”

The couple went through the usual process of checking and re-checking their ticket, before going downstairs to have family members confirm the win and help start the celebrations. The big win will help the couple raise Claire’s three kids in comfort in North Wales.