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EuroMillions Online Lottery Winner at theLotter

19 Nov 2013

theLotter congratulates yet another BIG online lottery player! A.A. all the way from Armenia participated in the EuroMillions Friday Super Draw--and with the help of a systematic form won much more than his original win would have granted him!

EuroMillions Super Draw Creates a theLotter Winner

A.A. from Armenia first began playing lottery games at theLotter in August 2012 and since has won an impressive total of 170 times! He recently received his big €8,878 ($11,982) win from the EuroMillions Super Draw which offered an amazing €100 million jackpot prize! The draw took place on November 15th and was the lottery’s #92 draw of the year and 3rd Super Draw in 2013. The EuroMillions results created an extraordinary 5,241,528 winners and A.A. was one of them! This most definitely is not A.A.’s first big win at theLotter and hopefully many more will continue to follow.

EuroMillions SuperDraw Results

Friday’s winning numbers were 3, 13, 15, 29, 42 and Luck Stars 1 and 4. A.A. wisely decided to participate in the EuroMillions Super Draw and purchased five lottery tickets, using 8-number and 10-number systematic forms. This produced all winning combinations from his selected numbers, which included four of the regular numbers (3, 13, 15, 29) and both Lucky Stars, in different lottery tickets. Thanks to the systematic form, A.A.’s selected numbers matched more than 140 winning number repetitions, multiplying his original win!

Take Advantage of theLotter’s Offers & Discounts!

A.A. loves to play the lottery online with theLotter and has gained amazing discounts with his VIP player status. A.A. is a diamond VIP player, which is the highest VIP level with a fixed 20% discount. This discount is of course in addition to the special weekly discounts the site offers!

Last theLotter EuroMillions Winner

It appears things are in favour for theLotter’s EuroMillions players! A.A.'s win follows closely after I.K.’s HUGE €489,777 win with theLotter when playing the EuroMillions’ October 18th draw. I.K. is a Hungarian Gold VIP player who has been playing online lottery since November last year. Read all about his win here and find out how he missed the €15 million jackpot by just one number!

How to Play the EuroMillions Lottery

EuroMillions is one of the world’s premier lotteries and has been played by fans around the world for nearly a decade since February 2004. To play the biweekly Tuesday and Friday EuroMillions draws, players must select five regular numbers ranging from 1 to 50 and two additional numbers, the Lucky Stars, from a different number selection of 1-11. To win the jackpot, players must simply match all of those seven numbers!

Congratulations to all theLotter winners! The next EuroMillions draw takes place tonight and players can try their luck at winning the €15 million jackpot or any of the lottery’s additional 12 prize categories. Don’t forget to play lottery online and purchase tickets from anywhere in the world for nearly any lottery you desire from around the globe of a list of 49 lotteries!