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EuroMillions Makes a New Record for Switzerland

29 Aug 2013

After creating all-time high records in the UK and Scotland, the EuroMillions broke its former record in Switzerland last Friday when the lottery made one Swiss lottery player €93 million wealthier! The nearing draw offers its players a €25 million jackpot and tickets are still on sale.

Launched in February 2004, the EuroMillions has not yet had time to celebrate its 10th birthday and already has managed to create millionaires the world-over and broke its own record just one year ago! The EuroMillions largest jackpots include €190 million in August last year, €185 million in July of 2011 and €183 million both in February and November of 2006. The lottery’s last big win on Friday was most definitely not the highest this European lottery has seen but it was the highest lottery win ever in Switzerland!

On August 23rd the EuroMillions rolled over a total of eight times, bringing the €15 million starting point to multiply itself by more than six times. The winning numbers were 1, 6, 26, 30, 37 and Lucky Stars 5 and 8. A Swiss native from Valais, preferring to remain anonymous, decided to play the lottery and became €93 million richer in a matter of seconds! This is a new high record for a lottery win in Switzerland as it surpassed the previous €80 million win! The 3rd largest win in the country’s history was on July 17th 2012 when a Swiss player won almost €22 million.

Altogether since the EuroMillions was launched, Switzerland has had 17 jackpot winners who have shared a total of €504 million in prize money. Among the nine participating countries, here is the ranking of the countries with the most jackpot winners and their total prize money:

France: 80 jackpot winners, totalling €2.347 billion

Spain: 63 jackpot winners, totalling €7,155 million

Britain: 62 jackpot winners, totalling €2,008 million

Portugal: 57 jackpot winners, totalling €1,151 million

Belgium: 25 jackpot winners, totalling €723 million

Switzerland: 17 jackpot winners, totalling €504 million

Austria: 12 jackpot winners, totalling €292 million

Ireland: 6 jackpot winners, totalling €273 million

Luxembourg: no jackpot winners

The nearing EuroMillions draw will take place tomorrow evening offering players a chance to take home the lottery's €25 million jackpot or any of the other 12 prize categories this European lottery offers in its biweekly draws every Tuesday and Friday. Play it Global with theLotter - perhaps it is now your turn to join the world's lottery millionaires club!