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EuroMillions Lottery Winners Engage in Philanthropy

31 Aug 2012

News of EuroMillions lottery winners has been flashed across the media recently, sharing stories of winning lottery tickets worth €190 million, winners’ shopping sprees and philanthropy. Having already distributed 15 jackpots to lucky winners in 2012, ranging from €15 million to €190 million, in addition to hundreds of £1 million EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle prizes, the press is having a field day with the influx of new EuroMillions millionaires. Check out the latest EuroMillions lottery results here!

The newest EuroMillions jackpot winner, who hails from Calvados, France, scooped up a €47.6 million prize when they matched all seven winning numbers in the EuroMillions lottery results drawn on August 24th. The French lotto winner is in good company, as he is the third player from Northern France to win a EuroMillions jackpot in the past 12 months. In September 2011, a Calvados family collected France’s largest lotto prize, a €162 million EuroMillions jackpot. Soon after, in January 2012, a €73 million EuroMillions jackpot went to a lotto winner from Northern France. Suddenly, the region that was once known for apple brandy and cider is famous for its notable EuroMillions jackpot wins!

Adrian and Gillian Bayford are skipping the chartered jets to private islands and giant purchases in the weeks after their massive €190 million EuroMillions win, choosing instead to head back to work at their Haverhill music shop. The Bayfords have of course taken the time to revel in their new fortune, checking in to the Down Hall Country House Hotel and vacationing in a Scottish caravan park. The Bayfords have promised to share their wealth with their friends and family, and they are currently in the process of sifting through letters and finding worthy causes to support.

In the meantime, 2011 winners of the largest EuroMillions UK jackpot, £149 million, are busy spreading their wealth. Colin and Chris Weir have responded to a letter from a grandmother in their hometown of Largs, asking them to help her granddaughter who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. The Weirs have pledged to help the four year-old girl from Edinburgh by covering the cost of a rare surgery to restore her leg and hip movement, in addition to travel to the US for the procedure and long recovery. While the Weirs are not publicizing their donation amount, the surgery alone costs more than $55,000, and they have also generously promised to pay for the family’s travel.

In 2012, EuroMillions has distributed 15 jackpots over the course of 70 draws. That translates to one top prize handed out every four to five draws, or every two and a half weeks! The current EuroMillions jackpot is set at €27 million for tonight’s draw after gaining €12 million in its first rollover. With EuroMillions running at such a fast pace, it is only a matter of time before the next winners are making waves and doing good in the world.