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EuroMillions Friday Draw at €24 Million One Week After Superdraw!

22 Nov 2013

EuroMillions Friday Draw at €24 Million One Week After Superdraw!

If you were sad to see the EuroMillions Superdraw €100,000,000 guaranteed jackpot won on its first outing in public, you are not alone. As Europe geared up for another super-draw-inspired rollover run, one lucky Spanish player stole the show on opening night. But don’t worry, the top Euro lottery is back with a €24 Million jackpot just seven days later and the only thing you have to do for a chance to become the next euro multi-millionaire is buy a ticket!

November has been a month of quick wins and single rollovers for EuroMillions, the European multi-state lottery that set the continent’s record jackpot of €190 million in August 2012. This first prize figure was almost equaled in June 2013, only to be won on its fifth post-Superdraw rollover by ticket holders in Belgium and Ireland.

Bearing in mind that March’s Superdraw also rolled over, it came as a bit of a surprise that the November Superdraw was won on the first time of asking by a Spanish player (who now loves the numbers 3, 13, 15, 29, 42 and Lucky Stars 1 and 4)!

theLotter is asking the same questions as its fans:

· Who will love tonight’s EuroMillions numbers?

· Will there be a third French, Spanish or UK winner for the month?

· Will another Luxembourgian pop up to claim the main prize and double the Benelux country’s all-time jackpot tally?

· Will the draw roll over and if so will the inflated jumps – as seen between Tuesday and tonight – continue to fast track EuroMillions to another 9-figure top prize in time for Christmas?

All of these questions will soon become clear but if you want to be someone celebrating the Euro lottery results that made you rich come Saturday morning, remember to buy your tickets online by 19:00 GMT tonight!