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EuroMillions Bayford Winners Purchase Georgian Mansion

13 Nov 2012

After becoming the EuroMillions’ largest jackpot winners of all time, Adrian and Gillian Bayford decided it was time to trade in their three bedroom house for a seven bedroom Georgian mansion!

It was just three months ago when the Bayfords from Suffolk, UK won the EuroMillions August 10th draw, becoming €190 million (£148 million) richer. During the summer months that led to that fateful draw, the jackpot rolled over 14 consecutive times as it reached its €190 million cap prize. The lottery’s new jackpot cap is set now to €195 million as it rises by an extra €5 million each time the former cap is reached.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford correctly matched five numbers from a 1-50 number range and the two additional Lucky Star numbers from a 1-11 guess range. The odds of that happening are 1:116,531,800!

After their big win, the couple decided to remain grounded and share their newfound wealth with friends and family, but mentioned their desire to purchase a new house once they won the money. A friend of the couple said: “Adrian and Gillian made no secret about wanting to buy a nice house when they went public with their win. Some people expected them to move out of their old home straight away – but they have taken their time to find the ideal place. This new house is perfect for them. It is a wonderful property with plenty of land.” A villager added: “The estate has been on the market for a few months. Everyone around here has heard that the Bayfords have bought it and we are all pleased for them.”

The Bayford couple, together with their two children, are now trading in their three bedroom house for a Grade II-listed seven bedroom Georgian mansion. Their new home is set in more than 100 acres of woods and farmland and includes four marbled bathrooms, four reception rooms, a three bedroom annexe, a lodge, a three bedroom farmhouse and four cottages. The couple bought the entire site, although some of the outbuildings were on sale separately, which had an asking price of more than £6 million.

The next EuroMillions draw will occur tonight with a €168 million (£133 million) on offer. Another rollover will push the EuroMillions jackpot closer to the Bayford’s winning sum that has afforded the family a beautiful new home just months after the windfall.