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Couple Plan to Spoil Grandkids with Lottery Win!

27 Apr 2015

UK couple become millionaires, after winning in EuroMillions lottery!

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Retired lorry driver Tom Nugent and his wife Brenda, herself a retired office worker, are sitting pretty after winning a cool £1 million in the April 21 st EuroMillions and UK Millionaire Maker drawing. The couple, who reside in Garstang, England, in the western part of the country, are still taking it all in, letting the good news sink in slowly.

Purchasing a ticket at their local Sainsbury’s, Tom remarked that he normally checks his tickets the morning after the draw. But seeing as how his local footie team – Preston North End – had just finished a match, he decided to check his numbers, along with the final score of the match. “I looked at the numbers and said to myself ‘rubbish as usual’, “Tom said. But when he looked down to check the Millionaire Maker code, he was shocked to see that he had won a £1 million in the instant raffle!

Checking – and then re-checking! – Tom called to his wife who was reading in bed, to relate the wonderful news. And after a sleepless night, they rushed the next morning to validate their win with the official office. Getting in touch with their two children and seven grandchildren, the good news spread like wildfire, with good cheer and happiness abound. Tom remarked how things like that don’t happy to people like them, and they are ever so grateful for this life-changing moment.

Asked how they will spend their winnings, the couple said how a vacation to Spain for the entire family was in the works, along with moving to a new house, and season tickets for his beloved Preston team. The biggest jackpot in Europe at the moment is the EuroJackpot, with an unprecedented pool of €75 million! To take this jackpot home, make sure to purchase your tickets here on theLotter!