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Changes in USA-Powerball: 2012 Brings Bigger Prizes, Better Odds to the Popular Lottery

21 Dec 2011

For 20 years, the USA Powerball has held lotto fans’ interest with record-breaking jackpots and suspenseful rollovers. U.S. lottery directors are introducing exciting changes to the game’s format in early 2012, increasing starting jackpot prizes, adding to secondary prize categories, and improving overall winning odds.

Starting January 15th, officials will implement the planned changes, and Powerball fans at will be able to access to the lottery’s new and improved version on the site.

One of the most important changes to take place in 2012 is the update of the Powerball’s guess range from 1-39 to 1-35, promising more frequent jackpot wins and prizes throughout the prize division.

The Powerball lottery's starting jackpot receives a significant boost as well, doubling its $20 million base line to an impressive $40 Million. Furthermore, players can expect the 2nd place prize to rise from $200,000 to a $1 Million pool. The New Year's changes even encompass the bottom prize category, upping the win from $3 to a $4 prize.

The lottery’s multiply prize feature, the Power Play, will remain part of the game albeit with a fixed role: the Power Play will double the 2nd place prize to $2,000,000 and multiply other secondary prizes by 2-4 times, according to the lottery’s preset prize structure.

The increase in prizes and winning potential will double the price of the Powerball form at official lottery retailers. In addition to the current 5 line form, will be offering an additional 3 line form available in one-time entries, Subscriptions, and Multi-Draw packages.

Alongside official changes to this lottery favorite, is taking great care to maintain consistency with the new rules, structure, and pricing with minimal disruption to the customers that enjoy USA-Powerball on our site.

We request that customers please take note of the following updates regarding participation in USA-Powerball at

Please be advised that:

• Effective immediately until December 28th, The 5-Draw Multi-Draw package will be the only Multi-Draw package available for purchase
• Between December 28th-January 15th, Multi-Draw packages will not be available for purchase until the new format is launched at
• Players with active Multi-Draws will be contacted by customer service team to resolve personal account issues in light of the changes in the lottery

Get ready to play the new USA Powerball jackpot online on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at for a year full of memorable wins!