Celebrate 15 Years With a Superdraw Jackpot Worth €120m!

Celebrate EuroMillions’ 15th Birthday by Playing the €120m Superdraw!

30 Jan 2019

It’s been a long ride and we’re excited to celebrate EuroMillions 15th birthday at theLotter with the EuroMillion Superdraw and its boosted jackpot prize worth €120 million!

EuroMillion Superdraw


EuroMillions had a widely anticipated launch in February of 2004 and has since enjoyed continuous popularity as the leading lottery in Europe. During the last 15 years, EuroMillions has had 2.5 billion lottery prize winners, with some of these lucky players winning through theLotter! With jackpots reaching up to €190 million and incredible secondary prizes, it goes without saying that millions of players from around the world have enjoyed playing EuroMillions through our website. This rewarding European lottery has been a long-time favourite and it’s exciting to celebrate EuroMillions’ 15th birthday!

How to Play in the EuroMillions Superdraw

Playing in the Superdraw is exactly like playing in a regular EuroMillions draw, except for the incredible boosted prize! To win the jackpot, you select 5 main numbers from a guess range 1-50 and 2 bonus numbers, or “Lucky Stars”, from a 1-12 range. If the numbers on your ticket match the winning numbers drawn, you win an amazing jackpot prize worth €120,000,000! Even if you don’t win first prize, you can still win phenomenal lottery prizes from one of the 12 additional prize divisions EuroMillions offers its players.

Past Superdraw Wins

In the past few years, EuroMillion’s Superdraws have produced incredible jackpot prizes for the lucky winners! The most recent super draw on 21 September 2018, started with an incredible jackpot prize worth €130 million and continued to rollover for another 3 draws until it was won with a single ticket purchased in Switzerland. The lucky winner was awarded a staggering jackpot prize worth €162,403,002 in the 2 October draw! Another incredible jackpot prize was won from a Superdraw that took place on 15 September 2017. This epic draw also started from a guaranteed jackpot worth €130 million. While nobody won the Superdraw, the jackpot rolled over until it managed to reach the jackpot cap of €190 million! Thankfully, it was finally scooped up by a single ticket purchased in Spain in the 6 October 2017 draw.

Celebrate EuroMillions's 15th birthday with us by giving yourself the chance to win the incredible €120 million jackpot prize in the 1 February Superdraw! Guarantee your participation today.