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Catalan Wins Biggest Jackpot in Spanish La Primitiva History

18 Oct 2015

After 25 weeks without a jackpot winner, the historic €101.70 million jackpot of Spain's La Primitiva lottery was finally won on Thursday.

Selfie in front of Sagrada Famiglia

The winning ticket was purchased in a store on Barcelona's famous Calle Pere IV, so, in all likelihood, the person who matched the six main numbers as well as the reintegro was a Catalan!

DÉU N'HI DO! The winner won €101.70 million!

Unfortunately this lucky Catalan will have to pay quite a bit in taxes to the central tax authorities in Madrid though. In Spain, lottery prizes over €2,500 fall in the 20% tax bracket, meaning that the winner will net €80 million in the end. Still... €80 million is not a bad bank balance by anyone's standards!

Numbers Drawn for the La Primitiva on Thursday 15 October 2015

Park Gaudi Barcelona

The numbers drawn at this historic La Primitiva event were: 1, 7, 21, 27, 38, and 46 with extra number 41 and reintegro 6.

A total of 30 million lottery tickets were sold for this draw. This new €101.70 million La Primitiva record beats the previous record jackpot of €72.6 million from February 2014!

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theLotter's Many La Primitiva Winners

Thumbs up to the many online La Primitiva winners

Just in September an Australian player won more than AUD$38,000 by playing La Primitiva online through theLotter.

A Latvian player won more than €110,000 in the Spanish lottery online through theLotter back in January 2013!

At last Thursday's momentous La Primitiva draw theLotter players walked away with loads of prizes. One of theLotter's La Primitiva Syndicates scooped up around €2,800! Congratulations to all shareholders!

We wish everyone lots of luck in the upcoming draws - regardless of whether you choose to play La Primitiva online or go for the biggest lottery jackpots this week!

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