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California Man Won $1 Million in the Powerball, but got NO Money

16 Mar 2015

On September 13th, 2014, one lottery player won a 2nd tier US Powerball prize of $1,098,674, but he never got the prize. The winner's life continues exactly as before though as he cannot claim his prize. Find out why...

On September 13th, the US Powerball draw produced the numbers 37, 6, 1, 53, 16 and Powerball 17. A California man got very close that day to the $149 million jackpot, but as he'd matched the main numbers but not the Powerball itself, he won a second prize worth $1,098,674. Unfortunately the man did not come forward on his own accord.

In fact it was quite some time later when the mysterious winner returned to the same store where he'd purchased the winning ticket. He was immediately recognised by an employee who had carefully examined all the CCTV footage. The shop assistant immediately informed the man of the great news!

Now should you believe in happy endings, prepare for a huge disappointment! This story really does not provide any solace.

The winner never took care to check his ticket! Worse, he lost the actual ticket he had won with!

Although the shop's cameras prove he purchased a lot with the correct numbers, it is impossible for him to claim the prize without presenting the physical ticket. Instead, the US Powerball has kindly donated a million dollars to public schools in California. Good for the kids there, but we doubt this man was too chuffed about the whole story.

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