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Bus Driver Rolls into $7 Million Win!

15 Sep 2014

New York city bus driver wins top prize in state’s Cash4Life lottery!


Rodney Chochran is one happy city employee, now that he has won the top jackpot in New York’s Cash4Life lottery! Cochran, who hails from Brooklyn, has been driving the MTA city bus for 22 years, and makes sure to stop by his local bodega every day for lottery tickets. When he made his routine purchase on August 1st, the clerk informed him that a winning ticket of the $7 million jackpot had been sold in that very bodega! Cochran then proceeded to hand over the ticket that was in in his pocket to the clerk to be checked, and they both were happily astounded when they saw it was the winner!

“You’ve got to be kidding me. I couldn’t believe it!” Cochran said. The 61 year old single father of one has opted for the lump sum of $4.3 million after taxes, and will use the money to pay off bills, help out family, buy a new car, and finally – take a much-deserved vacation with his 10 year old son.

Cochran’s winning numbers in the July 31st drawing were 13, 25, 26, 32 and 58, with the bonus number being 1. Amazingly, Cash4Life hasn’t claimed a winner since, so now is the perfect time to strike while the iron is hot! Make sure to snatch up some tickets for New York’s newest lottery  on theLotter, and become the first to win this jackpot in over a month!