Brisbane Powerball Player Wins $40 Million!

Brisbane Powerball Player Wins $40 Million With a Ticket Purchased Online!

14 Apr 2014

The lucky winner who grabbed the amazing Australia Powerball first division prize of $40 million and joined the "Richest People of Queensland" list overnight is 30 year old father. The new Brisbane multi-millionaire was shocked when he discovered his good fortune.

Australia Powerball Winner of $40 Million

As Australians were comparing the numbers on the screen to the ones on their lotto tickets over the weekend, trying to figure out if they had won, a single man got a very important phone call, telling him he was the sole winner of the outstanding Australia Powerball jackpot of AU$40 million.

The anonymous man from Brisbane who matched seven winning numbers correctly was absolutely gob smacked, said Golden Casket spokeswoman Belinda McDougal, who was the one to break the news over the phone. After gathering his thoughts, the man managed to utter two words - "That's cool!"

The six numbers that created this “cool” win were 36, 38, 21, 39, 29 and 22. The Powerball was 12. While the winner wished to remain anonymous, it is known that he has a partner and children. Like many other players - the winner purchased his Powerball ticket online.

Not only is it one of the largest lotto prizes to be won in Australia, but with AU$40 million in the bank, the lucky winner automatically joins the top 200 wealthiest people in the state. Buy your ticket online now  and wait for a life-changing call! 

In spite of his new found fortune, the winner told Golden Casket spokeswoman he had no intention of going on a wild spending spree. "We'll take our time and do the right thing with this prize money," he said. "We're going to look after everyone that's close to us.”