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Bowled Over with Excitement After Lottery Win!

22 May 2015

UK syndicate claim National Lottery win!

national lottery syndicate

Striking it rich came easy to a nine-person syndicate, after stepping forward to claim their win in the National Lottery’s May 9th drawing! Winning £344,000, each member will take home more than £38,000!

The lucky syndicate are a group of avid bowlers who hail from Hartlepool, on the Eastern English coast. Playing as a syndicate since 1994, they call themselves the ‘League Bowlers’ and play in a regular weekly bowling league. It was syndicate and club leader Philip Quinn who found out that he had a winning ticket in his hand. Checking the numbers the day after the draw, Mr. Quinn remarked “I couldn’t believe it! As soon as I confirmed, I called everyone to let them know. Some of the lads were that shocked by the news that they had to take the rest of the day off!”

Wanting to take good care of the ticket, Philip’s wife Ann slept with it under her pillow! When asked how the couple – and the rest of the lucky strikers! – will spend their share, Mr. Quinn said how he and Ann were thinking of taking a holiday and to maybe put in a new kitchen. It seems that vacations are at the top of everyone’s list, as one winner will take a trip Down Under to see family, while yet another has his sights set on India.

But one thing is certain; they all vowed to stay at their current job, keep up the bowling league, and of course keep playing the lottery as a syndicate! This week’s National Lottery is up to £10.4 million! That is one huge jackpot  that you don’t want to miss out, on!