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Australian Online Lottery Player Wins Massive La Primitiva Prize

16 Oct 2015

Australian L.M. won a whopping AUD$38,071.03 after playing La Primitiva online through theLotter!

Australian Winner of Spanish Lottery

What's going on recently?! So many theLotter players are winning, it is hard to keep count! We're still to announce two ridiculously massive, absolutely mind-blowing wins in the coming weeks, but today we're sharing September's impressive €25k La Primitiva win by one of our many Australian players, who wants to be known by his initials: L.M.

Read the below interview with our Aussie lottery fan and you'll see... La Primitiva wins are not just for native Spaniards. When you play La Primitiva online at theLotter you, too, could crack the Spanish safe!

theLotter's online La Primitiva winner speaks out

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm coming close to 40, although I definitely don't feel it mentally. I love getting out and about, when it's warm enough I'll head down to the beach and if I feel energetic I'll go in for a surf. I love cinema, and I have an interest in photography. I'm just your typical bloke who daydreams of having an easy life and a collection of cars to ponder which I'll drive that day.

How long have you been playing lotteries?

The legal age in Australia is 16, so I've been having a flutter on the lottery when I hit that golden age, and have been daydreaming of a big win ever since!

What brought you to theLotter?

My brother actually steered me towards theLotter's direction, I checked out the site and saw the amounts up for grabs and I've been playing ever since.

Was there a big lottery draw which appealed to you especially?

dream big, win big

I think when I signed up on theLotter the EuroMillions was over £90m and I thought it would be a mega life changing event to win that amount of money. All of the daily troubles would just disappear with that win and you could do whatever you wanted to without any worries.

What are your favourite lotteries and why?

I was always keen on the EuroMillions, but when I started seeing the amounts for the Mega Millions, U.S. Powerball, California SuperLotto and the La Primitiva, I just had to try my luck in those, too, and I still do.

What is your strategy?

I don't really have a strategy. I have one set of numbers that I regularly play and the rest of the lines I hit quick pick and give luck a chance and hope my numbers come up.

Australian wins European lottery prize

Have you won anything before?

I have regular small wins on theLotter and in the local games at home, but nothing major like this, ever.

Do you have any final tips for online lottery players?

My father has a list of systems on how to win, he hasn't divulged if it's successful or not. With the silence, I'm guessing it's not very successful at all. I guess just pick a game that appeals to you, go with your gut instinct and just give luck a chance and believe you will win. It seems to be working for me so far.

What do you intend to do with your winnings?

lottery pays the bills

I wish I could be romantic and say I was taking my girlfriend on holiday, as we both really need one, but unfortunately the winnings will go towards paying boring bills and easing the burden of the cost of living.

I must admit I am very impressed with theLotter. I've been a member for a few years now and still playing the games. The customer service is brilliant: all my questions are answered pretty much straight away. I would 100% recommend people to play on theLotter, I've introduced a few people and they seem pretty happy!