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Australia Powerball Changes Will Bring Higher Jackpots, More Winners

04 Apr 2018

The highly popular Australian lottery introduces a new format of the game starting with its draw on Thursday, 19 April 2018. The changes to Powerball will result in higher jackpot prizes and more winning players in every draw.

Starting with tickets purchased for that draw, players will choose seven main numbers from a guess range of 1-35, whereas in the old format, players would choose six main numbers from a guess range of 1-40. There are no changes to the guess range for the Powerball number, which will remain 1-20.


Record Powerball Jackpot Ahead?

As a result of this change, the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot will be 1 in 134,490,400, instead of the current 1 in 76,767,600. With a harder-to-win top prize, the jackpot will roll over more frequently. It is quite possible that Powerball will soon offer a jackpot higher than its record AUD$80 million prize, awarded in 2009.

While the jackpot may be harder to win, the odds of winning any prize in a Powerball draw have improved to 1 in 44 (previously 1 in 78). A ninth prize division has been added and there will be more overall winners in every draw.

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