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An $80 Million Powerball Jackpot Win!

28 Apr 2015

Alabama woman claims massive jackpot win in Powerball drawing!

powerball jackpot winner alabama

Made famous in the music world as Sweet Home Alabama, no resident of that southern state is happier to call her home sweet, other than Alice Dawson. After winning an astounding $80 million, Ms. Dawson is still very much getting used to the idea of being an overnight millionaire – 80 times over!

Purchasing a ticket for the Powerball drawing of April 11th at the local convenience store, she only now chose to come forward to claim her win, as time was needed to let the good news soak in. Remarking on her win, Alice simply said “this is a blessing in our lives and proves that anything is possible with faith in God”. Adding further as to where she plans on spending her money, the lucky winner was quoted as saying how her friends, family, and church will all benefit from this massive windfall.

Though the winning amount was $80 million, Ms. Dawson has opted for a one-time payout, resulting in a lump sum of $53.4 million. Not bad, considering the $2 price of a single ticket! Her winning numbers were 1, 12, 32, 42 and 58, with the Powerball number of 12. For your chance at the biggest US lottery at the moment, Mega Million’s $85 million jackpot, get your Mega Millions tickets online  here on theLotter!