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African Refugee & Spanish Headmistress and Villagers Share Half a Billion Christmas Lottery Prize

28 Dec 2015

The Spanish Christmas lottery draw took place last week and many theLotter players won great prizes before the holidays. The biggest prize, however, went to the resort of Roquetas de Mar in Almeria in Andalusia, southeastern Spain.

Hundreds of thousands of players watched the spectacle as the winning tickets of the Loteria de Navidad 2015 were announced. The El Gordo top prize ("El Gordo" means "the Fat One") went to the ticket with lot number 79140. The prize per share amounted to a massive 4 million euros, whilst the total prize money for the ticket number was a staggering total of 544 million euros.

Spanish City of Roquetas de Mar Wins the Big, Fat €544M "El Gordo"

El Gordo Christmas Lottery jackpot won in Roquetas de Mar in Almeria in Andalusia Spain

The El Gordo, meaning "the Fat One", was won in Roquetas de Mar, a picturesque seaside town where people couldn't believe their luck! Jose Martin, who runs a shop in the town, sold 136 shares with the winning El Gordo number 79140. The city has 92,000 inhabitants and derives its income mainly from tourism and agriculture. The unemployment rate is quite shocking: in Roquetas de Mar about 30% of the population is unemployed. This massive win will surely give the economy of the city a great boost.

Many locals bought shares in Mr. Martin's shop - among them a headmistress of a school in a village 60 kilometres away, who had intended to use any win for a school trip. Her pupils might now consider taking a trip to the tropics as the actual prize amount their principal won was staggering.

Among the many amazing stories pouring out of Almeria right now, one is perhaps the most extraordinary; the Spanish media are raving about this.

Refugee from Senegal Wins Massive El Gordo Prize

Ngame, a 35-year-old Senegalese refugee living in the Almeria province where the El Gordo was won, scooped up €400,000 in the raffle. Eight years ago, Ngame fled to Spain on a boat with 65 people from Morocco. Off the Tenerife coast Ngame and his wife were rescued by the Spanish coast guard, and this amazing man has been working as a vegetable picker until he was laid off recently. With Ngame's mind-blowing prize in the Loteria de Navidad, his and his wife's future is looking bright: "I just can’t believe this, I can tell you that on some days we do not have five euros between the two of us."

We are very happy for the Ngame and all the people who won... And especially for all the theLotter players who participated in this year's draw, many of whom won prizes!

Online Loteria de Navidad Players Beat the Odds Spectacularly

At theLotter we provided more online Loteria de Navidad tickets in 2015 than ever before. Our players won €47,880 in total. That amount was spread over 1,958 shares, meaning we beat the 1 in 7 odds for the Loteria de Navidad in a spectacular fashion! At theLotter your chances to win a prize in the Loteria de Navidad were in fact a mind-blowing 1 in 3.13!

Many players bought multiple shares, and so the win ended up being divided amongst 513 of our customers, meaning 1 in every 4.2 of you who played this Spanish Christmas Lottery through us, actually won!

The figures are mind-blowing, and, what's more, one of the Navidad raffle players will end up winning an iPhone 6S Plus in our exclusive online lottery sweepstakes for the month of December, simply by having participated in the Spanish draw. We will announce the sweepstakes winner in the coming days!

In case you didn't win anything this time around, we can heartily recommend you participate in the upcoming Loteria del Nino. The Loteria del Nino takes place on 6 January and offers a prize pool of €630 million.