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A (U.K. EuroMillions) Fare to Remember

30 Jul 2014

Dorset taxi driver picks up a fare and an £111,000 U.K. EuroMillions Jackpot!


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Malcolm Dennett has been having a good year. Earlier in the year he won £1,200 in the Lotto, had an unexpected inheritance from a friend, and now this unexpected six-digit win!

Hailing from Sixpenny Handley, Dennett, 56, spends his days driving a taxi and his free time breeding Border Collies. After driving a usual fare to Poole the other Thursday, Dennett stopped at his lucky Upton Spar convenience store to purchase his usual EuroMillions Lucky Dip ticket. Though he usually only purchases a ticket when there’s a rollover, he didn’t know that a winner was declared two days earlier. If he had, he surely wouldn’t have bought for this fateful drawing!

The next morning, over a cuppa, Dennett wrote down the winning numbers and checked them against his own later on while waiting for a fare. As he crossed off the numbers one by one, he could hardly believe his luck! So much so, that he popped into a roadside newsagent to have them check it as well. When it was handed back to him with instructions to contact Camelot, it started to sink in that he had won a significant amount.

After calling his wife, Heather, she didn’t know to believe him or not, as he is always winding her up about one thing or another. But now that the money’s in the bank, there’s no mistaking this win! Life for the couple is just starting to turn around for the couple and their young son. Now Malcolm and Heather have set up a college fund for their son and set about investing their win. One thing is for sure, Dennett is sure to never stray far from his lucky Upton Spar! Did you know that this week’s U.K. EuroMillions jackpot is £11 million? Hurry now to buy your ticket buy your ticket before the draw closes!!