A Truck-full of Undiscovered Cash!

A Truck-full of Undiscovered Cash!

7 Sep 2014

New York man who forgets about bought lottery tickets discovers he’s won almost $3 million in the New York State Lottery!

new york state lottery jackpot winner

Back in July, Jerry Ritieni of Long Island, New York purchased $20 worth of the state’s lottery tickets, stuffed them in his truck, and forgot about them. Over a month after the July 19th draw, he was looking for keys in the truck’s console, when he came across the tickets and decided to check the numbers online. To his amazement, he discovered that he had won $2.9 million!

Ritieni, an auto body shop owner and single father of two is laughing now, at the circumstances that brought him to become the nation’s newest millionaire. Vowing to continue playing the lottery after his massive win, he will now keep the tickets in his back pocket, and check them in a timely manner, after each drawing.

“I was completely shocked, I still am”, he said of his win. While Ritieni has yet to decide if he will take the lump sum payout of $1.9 million, or the 26 annual payments, his first order of business will be to secure his children’s future. Beating the one in 47 million odds of winning, the Quick Pick numbers he won with were 28, 32, 36, 37, 39 and 47, with the bonus number of 50. The nation’s next biggest jackpot of $127 million is the US Powerball; play US Powerball online now!