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A Thanksgiving Lottery Win!

8 Dec 2014

Couple wins $90 million Powerball jackpot while buying ticket on Thanksgiving!

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Lisa Quam was busy cooking for Thanksgiving dinner when she ran out of pumpkin spice. Running to her local market, she picked up a newspaper, along with the spice, and went to check out. When the clerk casually asked if she’d like to buy a ticket for the Powerball drawing on November 29th, Lisa thought why not, and scooped up two. Little did she know that one of those tickets would make her $90 million richer!

Having forgotten about the drawing until a full day after, Lisa started screaming as she realized that she had all 5 numbers – 13, 24, 30, 42 and 48 – along with the Powerball number of 27. Yelling for her family to come downstairs, they all took turns checking the numbers, screaming in succession!

Lisa and her husband Everett, who reside in Auburn, Washington, have both retired early from the company they have worked at for over two decades. Deciding what to do now with the winnings will be the hard part, but the couple already have preliminary plans, such as paying off their children’s student loans, buying a new car, and donating a sizeable amount to charity.

Lisa had a one in 175 million chance of winning this Powerball jackpot, and this was the first winning ticket ever sold in the state of Washington! The lucky winners still have not decided how they would like to receive their winnings, but the cash pay-out stands at $56.8 million! We are sure the family will be enjoying a very merry Christmas indeed. For your chance to enjoy some holiday cheer, why not play the Loteria de Navidad, Spain’s biggest Christmas lottery, with over €2.24 billion in prize money to be won!