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A New Era for Mega Millions Starts Today!

19 Oct 2013

Welcome to the NEW Mega Millions which has some surprises in store for lottery fans! The lottery has implemented quite a few major changes which introduce players to better winning odds, bigger jackpots and a new multiplier – all at the same lottery ticket cost!

The Mega Millions is off to a new start! Created in 1996, the lottery began with the name “The Big Game” which later on became “Mega Millions” in 2002. Since its start not many rule changes have been made to the lottery format and today is the first day of a new era in Mega Millions history! This US lottery, from now on, will be known not only as the world record holder for the largest jackpot win ever of $656 million, but also as the only lottery to undergo such a huge makeover change without increasing its lottery ticket prices!

Changes to the renowned Mega Millions

Last night’s Mega Millions draw was the last one to be played in the old version of the game. Starting today, October 19th, lotto fans can begin playing the lottery with its new rules and the 1st NEW Mega Millions draw will be held on October 22nd.

Out with the Old – in with the NEW!

The following table clearly points out the old Mega Millions vs. the NEW Mega Millions draws:

Old New

Regular Number Guess Range



Mega Ball Guess Range



Opening Jackpot

$12 million

$15 million

Minimum 2nd Division Prize


$1 million

Maximum 2nd Division Prize

$1 million

$5 million

Minimum Rollover Jumps

None promised

$5 million

Megaplier Feature

Multiply wins by 2-4

Multiply wins by 2-5

Jackpot Winning Odds

1 in 176 million

1 in 259 million

Overall Winning Odds

1 in 40

1 in 15

Jackpot Annuity Payout

26 years

30 years

In honour of these life-changing changes to the lottery, theLotter is proud to offer its players a 25% discount on all the lottery’s multi-draw packages – start celebrating! Don't wait to play the NEW Mega Millions online!

*Offer valid until Tuesday, October 22nd at 23:30 GMT