A Mechanic Won a Jackpot prize of R10-million in the South Africa
National Lottery.

14 Sep 2006

A man from the North West, South Africa, was still reeling in shock when he visited Uthingo’s offices earlier this week to claim a Jackpot prize of R10-million he had won in September,9 draw.
The mechanic, who is in his 50s, has been playing the same number combination since launch.
He was at work when he checked his tickets against the results slip he obtained from his local retailer.  He said he couldn’t believe his eyes and asked a colleague to verify the results against his ticket.
Since the win, he has shared the good news only with family and friends and plans to continue working.  He will pay off his debts before making his dream of owning a game farm a reality.
He has also vowed to donate a portion to the church and a school of his choice.