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A Brand New Way to Win – Lottery Bundles

6 Jul 2015

Today, we’re officially launching our long-awaited Winning Formula on the site – Lottery Bundles! When you play the lottery with Bundles, you become a member of a Syndicate group, improving your odds while paying less, and, at the same time, you participate in the lottery with a Personal Entry with your own Lucky Numbers!

Play Lotteries Online with Bundles

theLotter Launches Lottery Bundles!

Today, theLotter is launching Bundles – the Winning Formula on the desktop and mobile site.

Bundles are the definitive lottery package deals! They mix individual wins with the power of group play. Play Bundles and see the magic starting to happen!

Every Bundle contains a Standard Entry (so you can play your Lucky Numbers) as well as odds-boosting shares to amazing online lottery Syndicates which let you buy many lottery tickets together with others, and, therewith, increase your chance of winning!

Why You Should Play Lottery Bundles

When you play lottery Bundles, you will:

  • Drastically improve your winning odds with Syndicate entries!

  • Scoop up massive prizes by yourself with a Standard Entry with your own Lucky Numbers.

  • Buy a Bundle and you will… Save a Bundle. By getting the various entries as part of a package deal instead of buying them separately, you will lower your expenditure significantly.

How to Play Lottery Bundles

Bundles Screenshot Test

Joining in a draw with lottery Bundles at theLotter is easy – simply choose your favourite lottery from the Homepage or drop-down menu to go to the Play Page, click the Bundle tab and select whichever Bundle you would like to purchase.

Optionally you can click on “more details” and “change” to pick your own numbers for the Personal Entry part of the Bundle. If you don’t do this, your numbers will be “quick-picked” for you.

Depending on the lottery and the draw in question, there are various Bundles to choose from, from Classic to Deluxe Packages. Browse through the selection at your leisure, see which syndicates are included for the lottery draw you’re interested in and then choose the Bundle that best matches your lottery strategy. Confirm your purchase by clicking the “Play” button and you’re set!

theLotter’s New Play Pages Go Live

Play Lotteries Online

Playing lottery Bundles makes winning even easier and to celebrate this we are also simplifying the lottery play forms. The tabs on top of the forms are now easier to navigate.

  1. The first tab is reserved for Standard Entries, which includes one-time entries and Systematic forms.
  2. The second tab is for Syndicates, if the lottery in question offers these.
  3. The third tab is now reserved for Bundles!

At the moment, Subscriptions and Multi-Draw Packages are available in the first two tabs, for Standard Entries and Syndicates, but we are set to launch the Multi-Draw Package option for Bundles in September, so stay tuned for further updates.

Remember, if you have any questions at all, please contact our Customer Support team. We’re here to help, and we’d love to hear your feedback!

Get ready to win with Lottery Bundles!