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700 Million Reasons To Play Loteria Del Nino

Nov 13, 2017

Loteria del Nino is one of Spain’s biggest annual raffles with an astounding €700 million up for grabs! Tickets are limited so don’t wait to buy your shares for this world-famous lottery!

700 Million Reasons to Play Loteria del Nino

What is Loteria del Nino?

The Loteria del Nino draw takes place once each year and is one of the biggest and most popular Spanish raffles. The prize pool is an incredible €700 million and one in every three players will win a prize!

The upcoming draw is happening on January 6th, 2018. The time to buy your Loteria del Nino tickets is right now! As there are a limited number of tickets available, you wouldn't want to miss out on the chance to claim your share of the prizes.

Tremendous Odds of Winning Loteria del Nino

There are 100,000 tickets available for Loteria del Nino, each of which has its own unique raffle code. Every ticket is printed 50 times, and each ticket batch is then divided into 10 shares. The purpose of this is to give players even more chances to participate in this exciting raffle.

There are over 37,000 opportunities to win a prize on each full ticket, and 1 in 100,000 players of Loteria del Nino will become jackpot winners! The odds for winning any prize are 1:3. With odds like that and a prize pool of that magnitude, it’s no wonder that Loteria del Nino tickets sell like hotcakes!

How to Buy Loteria del Nino Shares at theLotter

You can buy shares for the Spanish Loteria del Nino at theLotter. You’ll be able to see all the available raffle codes on the play page. Simply choose your ticket, select how many shares you want to buy and confirm your purchase. You’ll even enjoy a special discount when you buy four or more shares at theLotter.