5 Reasons to Play Australia Saturday Lotto Online

5 Reasons to Play Australia Saturday Lotto Online

2 May 2014

With Saturday nearing, there is one Australian fan-favourite lotto game on everyone’s mind! If you have yet to participate in Saturday Lotto, then now is the time. Here are five reasons why you don’t want to miss out this week’s draw.


1. The Australian Saturday Lotto hosts Superdraws about seven times a year, usually around holidays or special events. Superdraws are played identically to the regular Saturday Lotto draws, and offer players huge jackpots starting around AU$20 million!

2. Unlike other Aussie lotteries, such as the classic Monday and Wednesday Lotto, which offer fixed AU$ 1 million jackpots in every draw, the Saturday Lotto jackpot starts at AU$4 million.

3. In addition to having a higher starting jackpot than the other classic lotto games, Saturday Lotto also has the ability to roll over to next week if no jackpot winners were found.

4. Saturday Lotto constantly appears on theSmart list, where the games with the best win-cost ratio can be found, making it even more attractive to play.

5. When winning Saturday Lotto, players enjoy tax-free wins on jackpot and secondary wins. Wins are always paid out in a lump sum, unlike other lotteries who transfer the money in instalments.

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