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3rd Place Winner in Spain’s Bono Loto at theLotter

13 Feb 2013

Since joining theLotter less than a year ago, V.T. of India has been the happy recipient of 14 wins at theLotter. Following his recent prize collection, the big winner shares his thoughts about his latest 3rd place win in the Spanish Bono Lotto which added US$4429.25 to his bank account.

The third draw of Spain's Bono Loto in 2013 proved to be lucky for V.T. who began playing it global with theLotter in April 2012. Five correct number matches made V.T. a Bono Loto’s US$4429.25 3rd place winner, pushing his win tally at theLotter to a total of 14! Check all Spanish lottery results online here.

The Bono Loto holds four weekly draws, a pace nearly unsurpassed in the lottery world, offering players ample chance to win jackpots that start at €400,000 in the universally-used 6/49 format. The Spanish lottery features five different prize categories including a second prize composed of a 5 +1 combination that gives players who miss the jackpot by a hair a chance at another huge lottery prize.

In a recent phone conversation, V.T. shared a few insights with theLotter about his win. In the end, it comes down to choosing the correct numbers, and V.T. reports that half were filled in with quick pick and half his own spur-of-the moment selection. Rarely a fan of the Bono Loto, V.T. was shocked to see that this luck had came in on a lottery that he rarely plays! Living in India, theLotter is V.T.’s outlet to connect to the world’s biggest draws including some of his regular selections which range from the multi-national EuroMillions to the smaller lotteries that frequent theSmart including Oregon-Megabucks and Turkey-Super Lotto 6/54.

Congratulations and best of luck in future draws, V.T.!