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3 Reasons you are Crazy to Ignore Lottery Bundles

3 Aug 2015

A few weeks ago we released our long-awaited lottery Bundles on the desktop and mobile sites. Thousands upon thousands of online lottery players have benefited thus far.

Three Reasons to Play the Lottery with Bundles

Bundles – our Winning Formula have indeed proven so popular that by now we have launched these package deals for nearly all the world’s leading lottery draws – and there are more Bundles and features to come in the coming weeks and months.

If you haven’t tried Bundles yet you’d be well-advised to get informed on the huge benefits they offer. So here are the top 3 reasons why playing the lottery online with Bundles is a wise choice!

1. Boost your Odds – Increase your Wins

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Your chances of winning the lottery with a single lottery ticket are relatively slim. Do you play one set of number per draw? It’s fun, but if you want to increase your odds to win prizes you should know that there is a tried and tested way: lottery syndicates.

Through a syndicate you own shares in a large portfolio of lottery lines and that way you stand a far greater chance to scoop up prizes. In a syndicate you join forces with other online lottery players and together you’ll make winning much easier.

2. The Best of Both Worlds – Individual Prizes & Group Prizes

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So if syndicates increase winning odds so much, then why do lots of syndicate players still also buy personal entry tickets on the side? Well, simple! With a personal entry you get to specify your own Lucky Numbers for each draw and keep the entire jackpot when those numbers match the lottery results.

So welcome our Winning Formula – Bundles… The Best of Both Worlds!

Bundles are pre-packaged with both syndicate shares as well as a personal entry. So when you buy a Bundle you can win millions on your own and still share in millions with the syndicates contained in the Bundle.

3. Save Money – Buy a Bundle, Save a Bundle

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Bundles are far more cost-effective in comparison to you purchasing all the individual play forms yourself. The size of the discount depends on the lottery and the Bundle type – it is specified in the play form for your convenience!

You can rest assured that whichever Bundle you purchase, you will pay less than when you buy the various products separately!


Are you convinced? Well, then buy a Bundle today for the biggest lottery draw in the world, lean back and get ready win a multitude of prizes!

Lottery bundles – Welcome to the Lotto-Winning Formula!