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See Your Official Lottery Ticket Online at theLotter

Since we began buying official lottery tickets in 2002, we have aimed to create an operation that is transparent and trustworthy. The See Your Ticket Service sits at the core of this promise to our world-wide community of lottery fans who have taken home over $50 million in prizes.

See Your Ticket is one of the ways we practice what we preach. When you buy a ticket in any of the 45+ lotteries offered on the site, you see a scan of the official lottery ticket purchased on your behalf. Our 25 local offices buy lottery tickets from licensed retailers with your selected numbers and play options so that you can cash in on lotto games all around the globe!

How Does This Work?

See Your Ticket

We Buy

Local agents print out your order and purchase the official lottery tickets. The tickets are traded in for receipts containing the selected numbers, play options, and often date, time, and location of purchase. The tickets are securely stored in our local offices until all prizes are claimed and the tickets expire.

See Your Ticket

We Scan

After the tickets are purchased on your behalf, each ticket receipt - containing full participation details, is scanned into our system and matched to the appropriate transaction in your account. This allows you to view the specific ticket you paid for, in your password-protected online account.

See Your Ticket

You See

We guarantee that a scan of every ticket you buy on the site will be available to view in your account before the draw. However, in rare cases, circumstances beyond our control may prevent us from purchasing the ticket in time. In these rare cases, the ticket will be canceled and refunded in full to your account, with additional compensation.

Where Do I See My Ticket?

1. Login to your account

2. Go to My Account

3. Choose the ticket you wish to see from the Entries table

4. Your official ticket scan will appear on the right hand side of the screen under “Your Ticket”

5. You can print your ticket by clicking the image on the right hand screen and then clicking on the “Print” button appearing on the lower right corner.

See Your Ticket

What Do I See on the Ticket?

See Your Ticket

Ticket Ownership

As our customer, we provide you with the following proofs of purchase, establishing your legal right to the ticket and the prize (in case of a win):

See Your Ticket

Purchase Confirmation Email

A confirmation email sent directly to the email you provided upon registration. The purchase confirmation email will contain the details of the ticket purchased, including the chosen lottery, your selected numbers, and the draw date.

See Your Ticket

Your Scanned Ticket 

A scan of the ticket purchased on your behalf will be displayed in your account, providing additional proof that the ticket was indeed purchased for you by theLotter, in accordance with your purchase order.

See Your Ticket

Ticket Records are Always Available

Your participation information is permanently saved in your account record, and your account records can be printed at any time.


Claiming the Prize

See Your Ticket

In case of a jackpot win, we will pay your way to our local office and assist you to collect the prize in person with the assistance of theLotter’s legal team and representatives. Most non-jackpot wins are collected by our local office on your behalf and transferred directly to your account on the site, and you can withdraw the win to your chosen payment method. While the scanned ticket in your account is an important component in validating ticket ownership, you cannot collect your prize with it – one can only do this with the original ticket. If you wish to collect the prize yourself, you are welcome to do so by contacting our customer support, who will put you in touch with the local office where your original ticket is safely kept.

Did We Miss Anything?

You can contact our customer support with any question you may have regarding your scanned ticket and the See Your Ticket Service here.