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Jane Park, ‘Cursed’ EuroMillions Winner Wants to Sue UK Lotto!

At this point, who hasn’t read about the wild, straight from tabloids exploits of Jane Park? Jane Park, EuroMillions winner, possibly the craziest lottery winner ever, has had boozy weekends in Benidorm, arrests for drink-driving and breakups caught by the paparazzi. This now 21 year old has gone from Britain’s youngest EuroMillions lottery winner to biggest cautionary tale. The latest twist in her saga? She wants to sue the National Lotto for ‘ruining her life’!

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Win a Huge EuroMillions Prize…and Sue?

Jane Park is considering a lawsuit against Camelot, the company that administers the UK Lotto and offers EuroMillions in the United Kingdom. She says that 17 year olds should not be allowed to win so much money, as she did.

Camelot says that they are offering Park continued support, even putting her in contact with another teenage jackpot winner.

How Big was Jane Park’s EuroMillions Win?

Jane Park was 17 years old, working an £8 an hour job and living in a council flat with her mother when she won £1 million playing EuroMillions for the very first time!

Jane became Britain’s youngest EuroMillions lottery winner and the nation waited with baited breath to see what would become of this teenage millionaire.

Jane Park, Big Spender

Jane Park’s young age, humble background and big win were a recipe for a major spending spree. Certainly, there are plenty of good examples of how lottery winners spend their money. Park was not one of them.

After cashing her winning check, Park quit her job, spent two months in the Spanish resort city of Magaluf, and then moved into a new mansion on the outskirts of Edinburg.

She then treated herself to Louis Vuitton handbags and designer wallets. After that, more vacations, this time in the Maldives and the US.

Today, when asked do lottery winners have to go public, Park advises lottery winners to remain anonymous, advice that she wishes she’d taken herself.

Once the stress of being a millionaire and minor celebrity started to get to her, Park splurged on a £17,000 Volkswagen Beetle, a £25,000 BMW, and a £18,000 Range Rover that she had custom-painted purple to honour her favourite football club, Hibernian.

Park also went under the knife, adding to her bust but subtracting £5,000 from her bank account. After that, she went for a Brazilian butt lift, which dropped her account another couple thousand quid.

It would be easy to mistake Jane Park’s Instagram feed for that of Christian Louboutin. The designer shoes, which start at £450, are a favourite of Park’s. You can bet that every time Park snaps a photo of a pair it’s because Louboutin’s ledger has grown a bit longer.

Jane Park, Queen of Controversy

Park faces a driving ban if found guilty of crashing her BMW 1 Series in a McDonald’s drive through while allegedly three times the legal blood alcohol limit. The pending case did not stop Park from shopping from a new Mercedes, she was photographed posing on top of a white coupe.

The now 21-year-old Jane was recently spotted showing off £50,000 worth of bodywork and holding hands with 18-year-old footballer Jordan Pigott. Friends say that the young couple are living it up together and enjoying each other’s company.

Park also enjoys gambling. She likes to bet on her favourite football clubs. Is she a deserving lottery winner? We'll let you decide that.

"Winning the Lottery Ruined my Life"

Park was a 17 year old making £8 an hour at an admin temp job, living in a council flat with her mother, and became Britain’s youngest EuroMillions winner on her first try! Everyone wishes that Park’s story had turned out differently. Clearly, Park didn’t know what to do when you win the jackpot.

After buying a beautiful mansion outside of Edinburg, Park sold it and moved back in with her mother because she was lonely.

Speaking with the press, Park remarked that:

“I have material things but apart from that my life is empty. What is my purpose in life?”
"I thought it would make life ten times better but it’s made it ten times worse."
"I wish I had no money most days."
"I say to myself, ‘My life would be so much easier if I hadn’t won.’"

What Would You do With a Life Changing Win

Jane Park isn’t alone in turning a blessing into a curse. Unfortunately, there are plenty of lottery horror stories.

What would you do with a life changing lottery win At this moment, you can play the lottery online for huge jackpots and try to win a life changing amount of money! What’s stopping you? Play now and try to set a good example for the next Jane Park out there!