C.J. From India Wins €32,161 Austria Lotto Prize!

We’re happy to see more and more players from India winning big at theLotter. Our latest winner, C.J. recently won an incredible second place prize with Austria Lotto through our website. He was able to claim an amazing €32,161 lottery prize after he won in a November 2018 draw! Keep reading to see how C.J. managed to snag his dream ticket and what he plans of doing with his incredible lottery prize.

C.J. joined theLotter in 2017 and quickly gained online lottery experience by playing various lotteries as often as he could. Along with Austria Lotto, C.J. enjoys playing Australia Saturday Lotto, the famous NZ Powerball Lotto, and Spain BonoLoto. While he won his incredible lottery prize with Austria Lotto, C.J. claimed while talking to our representative Adrian that it was totally by chance that he chose this specific lottery “For me, I don’t have any preference. Every day I’m playing some kind of lottery.” Well apparently this method works, because C.J. has been able to claim thousands in lottery prizes in just 2 years!

Luck of the Draw

On his winning Austria Lotto ticket, CJ guessed 5 out of the 6 numbers drawn, and the 6th number he selected matched the lottery’s bonus number. The winning numbers were 20 25 29 32 37 44, with bonus number 43. If he had included ‘25’ on his ticket instead of ‘43’, he would have been a jackpot prize winner!

Austria Lotto winning ticket

When asked if the numbers he picked were random or if they had any special meaning behind them, such as a date or a birthday, he replied “No, I don’t have any specific numbers. I just use some numbers, that’s all.” Can you imagine choosing a random lottery to play and having the 5 numbers you randomly pick just happen to be almost entirely winning numbers!? We can barely believe it ourselves! This just goes to show the power of luck and the fact that no matter how you pick your numbers, whether it be your children’s birthdays, lucky numbers or totally random numbers, every person who plays the lottery has an equal chance of winning an amazing prize.

The winning numbers drawn were:

  • 20 25 29 32 37 44 43

And the numbers on C.J.'s ticket were:

  • 20 29 32 37 43 44

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“It gives me a chance to dream”

While C.J. hasn’t really planned exactly what he’ll do with his newfound wealth, he told us that he first wants to improve his living situation so that he can live a more comfortable lifestyle. We think that’s a great start and are overjoyed that this win will help him achieve this dream! Does he plan to keep playing lotteries after this incredible win? “I will continue to play with theLotter because it gives me a chance to dream.” We hope that all our players get to see this important message. It doesn’t matter where in the world you’re from, when you dream big, you can win big!

Everyone Should Have the Chance to Win Big

We at theLotter are proud that we have winners from all over the world. Our company’s mission is to give people everywhere the chance to play in the biggest lotteries in the world! theLotter allows players to participate in their favourite international lotteries for a chance to win jackpots and other incredible prizes that they could only dream about before. We strive to help people like C.J., who dream of a better future, by giving them a winning chance at changing their lives for the better. Don’t let borders stop you from making your lottery dreams come true!