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Lottery Categories: theBig & theSmart


What is theBig?


theBig is a lottery category that lists the biggest jackpots around the world! Subscribers to theBig are entered in the biggest lotteries online twice a week after calculating all the lottery draws by Tuesday at 04:00am GMT for the first entry, and by Friday 04:00am GMT for the second entry.

To subscribe to theBig, purchase a Subscription to the top lottery on theBig list. Subscribing to theBig will ensure that you regularly play the biggest jackpot in the world twice a week and never miss the opportunity to win a huge prize!


What is theSmart?


theSmart is a lottery category that enters you in the lotteries with the best cost-benefit ratio in the world! TheSmart takes into account the price of the ticket, the declared jackpot, and the odds of winning in this formula which updates the category list on a daily basis according to this formula: Block Price^2*(Declared Jackpot)/(Jackpot Odds). Subscribers to theSmart are entered in the best draws online twice a week, after calculating all the draws by Tuesday 03:00am GMT and Friday 03:00am GMT.

To subscribe to theSmart, purchase a Subscription to the top lottery on theSmart list. Subscribing to theSmart will ensure that you regularly play the lottery with the best cost-benefit ratio in the world twice a week and never miss the opportunity to win!


Will I play the same lottery with theBig and the Smart every draw?


theLotter’s theBig category presents the biggest jackpots from around the world, and the jackpot offering the largest top prize may vary from day to day.

Similarly, the calculation of theSmart will change depending on available jackpots.  If you wish to subscribe to a single lottery online, please purchase a one-time entry in the lottery of your choice and choose to subscribe after confirming your purchase.


How do I set a price limit for subscriptions to theBig and theSmart?


Choose to play a lottery which appears on theBig or theSmart and confirm your selection. In the ‘Confirmation’ page, a window will appear with the details of your subscription. Open the ‘Set a price limit’ dropdown menu and set a price limit from the available options. If you do not set a price limit, the default selection will be ‘Unlimited.’ Click ‘Submit’ to confirm your purchase.

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