Finnish Player Wins €1.45 Million EuroMillions Prize!

After years of playing online with theLotter, our Finnish player J.T. finally struck gold after matching EuroMillions’ second-place prize of €1,453,438 on 8 July 2022! At the time, the EuroMillions jackpot was a record-breaking €230 million and lottery fans across the globe were playing in a bid to win it. While our winner’s numbers may not have matched the historic top prize, he still was able to walk away a multi-millionaire!


Persistence Paid Off

J.T. has been playing regularly at theLotter from Finland since 2010, and while he’s won numerous prizes over the years, none have been quite this grand! “The first time I’ve won anything substantial. I’ve won a few euros here and there”. 

Like many of our players, J.T. started buying lottery tickets online for a chance at winning exciting prizes from lotteries that were not available locally. He noted that “Most people here are playing the local lotteries, the European stuff that’s already available here."

You Don’t Need the Jackpot to Win Big

At the time of his big win, the EuroMillions jackpot had rolled over to a record-breaking €230 million just several draws after a Superdraw was staged on 17 June 2022.

The EuroMillions Superdraw is a lottery event that is staged several times a year, drawing in players from all over the world! While the odds of winning the boosted prize may be steep, at 1 in 139,838,160, it’s no surprise that J.T. and millions of others played for a chance at making lottery history!

He still was able to win a boosted second-place prize, thanks to a rule stipulating that once the EuroMillions maximum jackpot has been reached, all excess prize money will be split amongst the next highest prize division winners! This means that you can win multi-million euro prizes without even matching all of the winning numbers.

Many believe that your odds of winning the lottery are connected to how many lines you play. However, all it took for J.T. to win a second-place EuroMillions prize was just 3 lines on a single one-time entry and some lucky numbers!

He matched the draw’s five main numbers and a single Lucky Star number, meaning he was just a single number away from winning the draw’s record jackpot prize!

Check out J.T.’s winning ticket:


What Would You Do With a €1.45 Million Jackpot?

During our call, J.T. told theLotter that he didn’t have any extravagant plans for his EuroMillions winnings, “I don’t think it’s enough for me to stop working or anything like that, but I think, maybe I’ll purchase an apartment or something like that. It’s the sensible thing, I think.” Very sensible indeed! We think it’s great that he’s using his prize for something practical that he and his family can enjoy for generations to come!