Luxembourg Couple Wins €36,694.30 Playing EuroMillions

“Good afternoon, my name is Adrian. I am phoning from theLotter in London. It won’t come as a big surprise, but just to confirm, you won third prize in the EuroMillions!

What an exciting phone call to receive!  A.C. from Luxembourg had already learned of his prize in an email, but then we called to congratulate him and his wife after they won €36,694.30 in the EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 28 November 2017.

The numbers that came up in the draw were: 1 6 12 18 42 / 2 7

The numbers on A.C.’s ticket were: 1 6 12 18 42 / 3 8

A.C. had successfully matched the five main numbers selected, but unfortunately not the two Lucky Stars.

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Euromillions Luxembourg win

Success in Austria EuroMillions

A.C., a veteran player at theLotter, had been playing EuroMillions regularly but only recently switched from playing the Spanish version to Austria EuroMillions. Why the change?

“We did that because we were winning more [in that version],” A.C. told us, speaking on his wife's behalf as well. He also said that if he had won the EuroMillions jackpot, it would be easier for them to travel from Luxembourg to Austria to collect the prize.

The Austrian version of EuroMillions at theLotter has the same draws, and awards the same prizes, as the other versions available. Prices vary, however, due to the fact that the French, Spanish, and UK versions of the lottery also include a raffle entry.

A.C. plays EuroMillions with multi-draw packages. A.C. explained this by saying that he had set a budget to play 10 draws a month, and the multi-draw package made that a very easy way to play.

Couple Trusts theLotter More than Loterie Nationale Luxembourg

It is possible to purchase EuroMillions tickets online at the Loterie Nationale Luxembourg website, A.C. said, but he preferred to play at theLotter. "We really like your website; it is very user-friendly. We have been playing at theLotter for some time. I have more confidence playing with you."

Congratulations to A.C. and his wife on their very exciting EuroMillions win!