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What You Need to Know about the Exciting EuroMillions Changes

Autumn is nearly upon us and it’s time for some exciting changes to the EuroMillions lottery. This popular pan-European lottery is getting bigger and better than ever. This means:

  • More raffles across the continent

  • More millionaires every month

  • Out-of-this-world jackpots

  • A massive €130 million Superdraw on 30 September

The exciting changes go into effect on 27 September giving you increased chances of becoming the next EuroMillions millionaire.

The Minimum EuroMillions Jackpot Gets Bigger

First of all, the opening EuroMillions jackpot will now stand at €17 million, instead of its previous start at €15 million. This is an additional €2 million in the pot from the start, increasing the prize pool and the prizes you stand to win when you play the EuroMillions lottery.

Wider Lucky Star Range = Higher Jackpots

As before, when you play EuroMillions you select five main numbers (1 - 50) and two Lucky Stars, but with the Lucky Stars there is a change. The range of the numbers will now be 1 to 12 (instead of the previous 1 - 11). This means that there is slightly less chance of winning the jackpot, but the jackpots will become bigger and bigger.

New, Huge Raffles

All across the continent there will be a wide range of national and transnational raffles enabling more and more players to win prizes and become EuroMillions millionaires.

All players participating in the EuroMillions lottery will have a chance to become a millionaire in the new European Millionaire Maker raffle, which will be staged on select occasions throughout the year. The first European Millionaire Maker raffle will apparently take place on Friday 28th October 2016. This highly anticipated draw will create 25 millionaires across all participating countries. Official notification to follow!

The popular My Million raffle will continue, guaranteeing a French millionaire with every EuroMillions draw. There will be no change in the standard price per line.

Friday draws are more exciting than ever with the introduction of a Spanish weekly raffle called El Millón (The Million). This raffle gives Spanish players a chance to win a cool €1 million. Tickets purchased for both Tuesday and Friday draws are automatically eligible for this extra raffle. As a result of adding this special raffle, the standard price per line will be marginally increased.

Two players will become millionaires every draw with the UK's special Millionaire Maker raffle.  In addition, the popular Mega Friday game will become Mega Week, giving players even more chances to become a millionaire and win incredible prizes. As a result of these changes, the standard price per line will be marginally increased.

Belgium / Ireland / Switzerland

The upcoming EuroMillions changes include the introduction of additional country-specific raffles.

EuroMillions Jackpot Cap Continues for Four Draws

The EuroMillions jackpot cap will remain at €190 million but there is a change to how long it can stay there. Instead of having the maximum jackpot for only one draw until it must be won, the jackpot will remain at €190 million for four draws. At these draws, prize money that would have gone to the jackpot will trickle down to be shared among the winners in the next highest winning prize tier. After the four draws, the maximum jackpot must either be won or the prize money will roll down to the winners in the next highest winning prize tier.

Odds of Winning EuroMillions Prizes

The overall odds of winning a prize in the EuroMillions draws will remain at 1 in 13, but there are a number of odds changes in the various prize tiers:

Prize Tier Current Format New Format

Match 5 + 2 Stars

1 in 116,531,800

1 in 139,838,160

Match 5 + 1 Star

1 in 6,473,989

1 in 6,991,908

Match 5

1 in 3,236,995

1 in 3,107,515

Match 4 + 2 Stars

1 in 517,920

1 in 621,503

Match 4 + 1 Star

1 in 28,774

1 in 31,076

Match 3 + 2 Stars

1 in 11,771

1 in 14,126

Match 4

1 in 14,387

1 in 13,812

Match 2 + 2 Stars

1 in 882

1 in 986

Match 3 + 1 Star

1 in 654

1 in 707

Match 3

1 in 327

1 in 314

Match 1 + 2 Stars

1 in 157

1 in 188

Match 2 + 1 Lucky Star

1 in 46

1 in 50

Match 2

1 in 23

1 in 22

EuroMillions Superdraws Bigger Than Ever

The Superdraw is back! This highly anticipated EuroMillions special lottery returns on 30 September with a starting jackpot of €130 million, which is significantly higher than the previous Superdraw opening jackpots of €100 million. Superdraws are announced from time to time throughout the year, usually to mark a special event, and each will now start at the higher €130 million jackpot. Click to read more information about the EuroMillions Superdraw.

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Take Advantage of the EuroMillions Changes

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The EuroMillions is changing and becoming bigger and better than ever before. Buy your EuroMillions tickets to get into the action now!