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End of the Euro? No Way! EuroMillions Offers €166M this Tuesday!

The €166 million EuroMillions draw on Tuesday is approaching fast. Tickets in the shops are selling like hotcakes and online EuroMillions tickets are being snapped up by tens of thousands of players from around the world!

We thought this would be a good time to look back at past jackpot winners – from truck drivers to unemployed single mums – to draw some inspiration from them and see how (not) to spend a jackpot win!

British Bloke Builds Monumental Mansion

17 years ago, Grimsby-born Roy Gibney won £7,500,000. He splashed out on 14 houses, all in and around Grimsby. Gibney’s own mansion comes with six bedrooms, vast areas of woodland, Jacuzzis, a games room and casino as well as a gym, fishing lake and additional summerhouse. Roy had a giant chess board put in the garden for him and his mates and when the swimming pool was being installed he told the workers to “slap in” his winning lotto numbers on the bottom.

Salt of the Earth Trucker Buys Socks & Undies

58 year-old Stephen Chick’s wish-list after his £1m lottery win was surprisingly low-key: a short trip with his retired dad, some socks and pants from a low-cost supermarket for himself and the missus and to put something away for the kids. Stephen, a truck driver, had picked his winning EuroMillions numbers from number plates. It wasn’t until a week after the draw that he finally checked his ticket and discovered he’d won. Interesting to note: had Chick played EuroMillions online, he would have been notified immediately and he could have bought himself clean undies earlier!

Woman on Benefits Wins £27 Million – Then Gives £26 Million Away

Margaret Loughrey was living on £58 a week benefits when she won £27 million in the EuroMillions in December 2013! After the Northern Irish woman won, she immediately started giving it all away! Loughrey’s donated £26 million to countless charities in and around her home in Strabane. After her angelic initial gesture, Margaret was ordered in 2015 by a judge to do community service work after she had attacked a taxi driver. The prosecution in the case claimed Margaret had been highly intoxicated and abusive of the police.

Matt Went to the World Cup in Brazil

Matt Myles, a 28 year-old electrical engineer, wasted no time after scooping up his £1 million EuroMillions Millionaire Maker prize in 2014. Within 48 hours he’d quit his job and had flown off to Indonesia with a group of friends. Matt then continued travelling the world. In the summer he went to the World Cup football in Brazil and he just came back from the United States to start developing properties in the UK with his brother Pete!

Who Will Win the €166 Million EuroMillions Jackpot?

So what will you spend the money on?

Regardless of your answer, you’d be well-advised to buy a ticket! Tickets for the €166 million EuroMillions draw on Tuesday can be purchased in shops in some countries and EuroMillions can be played online from anywhere in the world.

Whether you play EuroMillions online or buy your EuroMillions tickets in a shop – we wish you lots of luck (and do let us know how you end up spending your prize)!