Thought They Won the Lottery, but Didn't - Three Very Unlucky Winners

Imagine that a dream you've had your entire life has just come true. Your life changes for the better in the blink of an eye… and then, the dream you won the lottery turns into a nightmare.

Three lottery players who thought they won the lottery, only to have their jackpots taken away with some devastating consequences - all of which could have easily been avoided had they played a lottery online!

Washed Up Lotto Granny

thought they had won the lottery but no

Talk about money laundering! Susanne Hinte, a 48-year-old grandmother of four from Worcester, told lottery officials that she had accidentally washed a lottery ticket in the pocket of her jeans. This wasn't just any old lottery ticket, this was one of two winners for the record-breaking £66 million UK Lotto jackpot held on 9 January 2016. She handed in the freshly laundered ticket to the local Camelot offices, who were immediately suspicious of her claims. All the information on the ticket – draw date, barcode, etc. -- was washed away, except for the winning numbers which were clear as day. The odds of that happening seem less likely than hitting the jackpot. Further adding to their disbelief was the fact that Hinte was due in a Birmingham court on multiple charges of theft.

The argument between Hinte and Camelot was put to rest when the real winner came forward with a non-washed ticket. Facing possible fraud charges, Hinte insists she didn't tamper with the ticket and swears she'll never buy another lottery ticket after this ordeal.

Is this story true? Or is it one of the many lottery myths circulating out there? Read the next story!

Couple Thought They Won the Lottery, but No! Insufficient Funds Cost Them £35 Million

thought they won the lottery

David and Edwina Nylan had been loyal UK Lotto players for years and it looked like it was finally going to pay off big time. They bought a ticket using the Lotto mobile app for the £35 million draw on 23 December 2015. Then Edwina saw that they had insufficient funds in their National Lottery account, so she topped it up and was sure the purchase had gone through accordingly. The next day they couldn't believe their luck!

When you dream you won the lottery, and the numbers come up in the draw, you are in seventh heaven! The couple was sure they were now £35 million richer! Or so they thought.

Edwina tried to claim the prize, but was given terrible news instead. The UK National Lottery had no record of a ticket purchase or any attempt to add funds to the account. The Nylans were devastated, but Edwina admitted that she never received an email confirming that the purchase had gone through. She said she was too busy with Christmas plans so she forgot to check. It was probably not the merriest of Christmases at the Nylan household that year. Lesson learned: Always top up your online lottery account!

A Celebratory Shopping Spree Leads to Disaster

dream they won the lottery

France is one of the world's most luxurious shopping destinations, but the country's exquisite boutiques led to financial ruin for one woman. The 46-year-old woman from the Besancon area in Eastern France thought she had won a substantial sum in a EuroMillions draw in February 2014. The woman decided to go on a bizarre three-week shopping spree, spending €4,000 on designer clothes, jewels, perfumes, and a purse, before even claiming her prize. Her wild money spending habits concerned her family, leading them to double-checked the supposedly winning lottery ticket. Whilst she had a new designer handbag, it turned out that she wouldn't have any money to put in it. The ticket was a total dud.

The story doesn't end there. Rather than own up to her mistake and pay for her extravagant purchases, the woman got herself in even deeper trouble by lying. She claimed that the purse, which contained her other expensive items, had been stolen and she could no longer pay for them. She was then charged with fraud and taken to court where she was found guilty and given a four-month prison sentence, suspended on the condition that she pay back her debts in full. Lesson learned: Don't spend money you don't have.

Though these people didn't win, here's hoping that you have better luck the next time you play your favourite lotteries! You don't have to be a psychic to win the lottery, but you have to play the game!