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EuroMillions UK Winners Enjoying the Millionaire Lifestyle, August 21st, 2012

On August 10th, the lives of Adrian and Gillian Bayford changed forever.

This is because the pair took home £148 million (€190 million) in the EuroMillions Lottery after 14 straight rollovers. Obviously, it is going to take them a long time to spend all that money, but it is safe to say they are now rich enough to make most of their dreams come true.

Once they stepped forward to reveal their identities, unsurprisingly there was a lot of excitement and fanfare, as only Colin and Chris Weir from Largs in Scotland- who pocketed £161 million – have ever won more on the lotto in the UK. Champagne was uncorked, while they flew away from their first press conference in a helicopter.

This could be the sign of things to come, but the Bayfords have so far managed to keep their feet firmly on the ground. Their first post-win trip was to a caravan park in Scotland to see Ms Bayford’s parents.

Since then, they have jetted off to an unknown European destination for a family break with their two young children. However, rather than pay for a private jet, they opted for an easyJet flight.

They have also been snapped eating bacon rolls and going to fast food outlets such as McDonalds, which shows they are still being frugal with their money.

The EuroMillions winners have shown themselves to be generous though. According to the Sun, they splashed out £288,000 for a villa inSpainfor Mr Bayford’s brother, while a friend was given a £55,000 Audi Q7.

Because of their new found fame and wealth, the Bayfords have been advised to hire professional bodyguards to protect their kids. A family friend said: “The children are a real worry and any threat to their safety is something Gillian and Adrian are taking very seriously.”

Suffice to say, the last 11 days have been very interesting for the UK’s latest multi-millionaires. If people want to follow in the footsteps of the Bayfords and land themselves a life-changing sum of money, then they should go online and buy EuroMillions UK Lottery tickets for tonight’s (August 21st) draw.

Picture Credit: The Daily Record

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