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theSmart Lottery Spotlight

Australians are in on a little secret; their Saturday Lotto is one of the best values in the world! While Saturday Lotto will almost certainly not break any jackpot records, it consistently makes millionaires week in and week out with its incredible odds and frequently tops theSmart theLotter’s list of best value lotteries. Playing to win the biggest jackpots in the world is always exciting, but playing the winningest jackpots in the world is a great strategy to make your dreams of winning the lottery come true. Which is why Australia’s Saturday Lotto deserves a turn in the spotlight.


Jackpots are meant to be won!

While some jackpots continue to roll over, seemingly never to be won (we’re looking at you, SuperEnalotto!), Saturday Lotto’s jackpot, or First Division prize, as it is called, is claimed almost every single week. Imagine the excitement of buying a ticket to a lottery knowing that there will be a jackpot winner, and it could be you! That is exactly what playing Saturday Lotto is like.

Millionaires made here

Saturday Lotto’s minimum jackpot is 28% of the prize pool, which works out to about AUD4 million. While the first division prize is frequently won, the rules do allow for up to four rollovers in which 28% of the prize pool is added after each draw in which the first division prize is not won. After four rollovers, the money that would be added to the first division prize is added to the second division prize instead. Winnings are paid out tax free in Australia but you should check the applicable laws in your area.

Six great chances to win

Australia Saturday Lotto features six prize divisions in total, each one with such incredible odds that one in thirty one players is a winner. The odds of winning the jackpot are an unbelievable 1:8,145,060, some of the best odds to be found in any lottery. With such great odds it is no wonder that Saturday Lotto frequently tops theSmart list of best value lotteries on theLotter.

How to play Saturday Lotto

Saturday Lotto is played with eight balls total, the first six are the main numbers, from one to forty five, and the other two are supplemental, bonus numbers drawn from the same drum that are used to determine prizes in Divisions 2, 5 and 6. Players only need to choose the six main numbers correctly to win the first division prize.

With great odds that practically guarantee a winner, and a simple and fun format, it is no wonder that Saturday Lotto continues to be a popular game in Australia despite not having the biggest jackpots around. If you want to get in on Australia’s best-kept secret, you can play to win Saturday Lotto’s winning jackpot on theLotter!