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NZ Powerball is New Zealand’s Saturday night lotto of choice, and your choice of the right 6/40 and 1/10 numbers could win you a jackpot worth as much as NZ$ 33,000,000, or one of the New Zealand lottery’s 11 secondary prize divisions!
New Zealand - Powerball
NZD$ 13,500,000

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How to Play New Zealand Powerball Lottery Online

To play NZ Powerball, select six numbers from a guess range of 1-40 and an additional number, the Powerball, from a guess range of 1-10. Buy official lottery tickets online for New Zealand’s top lotto with your saved Lucky Numbers, random selection (quick pick), or manual selection. Then see a scan of your NZ Powerball ticket in your account before the Saturday draw at 08:00am GMT. See How it Works.

New Zealand Powerball can be played on theLotter with 5 or 8-line tickets, and you win more when your numbers come in with an 8, 9 or 10-number systematic forms. Choose to play with a multi-draw to save up to 25% or use a subscription and get every 10th New Zealand Powerball ticket free!


12 Prize Divisions from Just Six Numbers and the Powerball

New Zealand Powerball has an incredible 12 prize divisions, six of which, including the jackpot, require the Powerball additional number drawn from a second drum. However, the New Zealand lotto also selects a seventh ball from the main drum as a bonus number, and this helps three out of six Powerball prizes and boost a further three prizes on its own!

How to Save on
New Zealand Powerball Tickets Online

How to Save on New Zealand Powerball Lottery Tickets Online

When you buy your New Zealand Powerball tickets online with theLotter there are plenty of ways to save! Begin as a new customer with our Buy One Get One FREE offer, save as much as 25% with a 5, 10, 25 or 52-draw on the New Zealand Powerball multi-draw, or buy a subscription and get every 10th ticket free. theLotter players can also build up VIP points to save up to 20% on all online lotto purchases!


How to Win the New Zealand Powerball Lottery Jackpot

The NZ Powerball has a minimum jackpot of NZ$ 5,000,000 that won with all six numbers and the Powerball. In September 2013, the New Zealand lotto’s top prize had rolled over 15 times and passed its NZ$ 30 million jackpot cap. This created a ‘Must Be Won’ draw of NZ$ 33 million, which rather amazingly was won by the 5+1+PB third place prize division!


theLotter’s NZ New Zealand Powerball Lottery Winner

In June 2013, barely a month after joining theLotter, V.K. from Russia won NZ$ 226,101 (approximately $175,000) with his official New Zealand Powerball lottery ticket. V.K.’s Powerball win was inspired by a powerful combination of a subscription, which earned V.K. every 10th ticket free, and an 8-number systematic form, which provided NZ$ 142,857 second place prize, as well as 27 other secondary prizes that bumped up his prize by more than NZ$ 33,000!


How to Claim New Zealand Powerball Lottery Prizes at theLotter

New Zealand Powerball has a lot of prize divisions to keep track of, which is where theLotter’s free email and SMS win alerts come in handy. Find out automatically if you have won; Receive wins of up to US$ 2,500 in value directly into your theLotter account soon after the results are published. Larger prizes may need to be picked up in person in New Zealand. All New Zealand Powerball prizes are tax-free!


How Does New Zealand Powerball Lottery compare to the US and Aussie Powerballs?

The New Zealand Powerball requires the same number of selections as the Australia Powerball (6+1), as opposed to the US Powerball which uses 5+1. However, the NZ Powerball distinguishes itself from its neighbour lottery with its bonus number and a 1-10 guess range for its Powerball. The New Zealand lotto has some catching up to do in terms of record jackpots (US Powerball has a US$ 590.5 million jackpot record) but the NZ Powerball does offer 12 prize divisions and fantastic winning odds!


Latest News About New Zealand Powerball Lottery

Soon after V.K.’s US$ 175,000 win playing the New Zealand Powerball all the way from Russia in June 2013, P.L. won more than US$ 10,000 with a third place prize in the same lottery, this time from nearby New Caledonia. Whether you’re 8,000 miles away from your favourite lotteries like V,K. or 1,500 miles (and a lot of ocean) away like P.L., theLotter is the place to play and win online!