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SuperStar is an exciting variation of the SuperEnalotto game that grows SuperEnalotto prizes by €2 million, €1 million or 25-100 times just for matching the SuperStar number! Choose your main guess set from 1-90 and a SuperStar additional number from the same pool to buy your official ticket for the next draw!
Italy - SuperStar
€ 15,700,000

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How to Play SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Online

Play Italy SuperStar lottery online with your selection of six main numbers from a guess range of 1-90 and a single SuperStar number also from a guess range of 1-90. Buy official lottery tickets online at theLotter and see a scanned copy in your account before the draw with our See Your Ticket Service.

SuperEnalotto SuperStar draws take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights at 19:00 GMT. theLotter offers you a choice of buying a 3-line ticket or boosting your potential winnings with an 8, 9 or 10-number systematic form. Enter your numbers manually, with quick pick, or rely on your saved Lucky Numbers from your account. Find out more about playing lotto online on our How it Works page.

Enjoy savings of up to 25% with a 5, 10, 25 or 52-draw SuperEnalotto SuperStar multi-draw package, or play with a subscription for every 10th ticket free all online lotto purchases!


SuperStar Number - Just How ‘Super’ is it?

The SuperStar number truly lives up to its name by adding eight prize divisions to SuperEnalotto’s original five. First prize is a €2 million top-up to a regular match-6 SuperEnalotto jackpot with the SuperStar, and third prize is a €1 million boost to SuperEnalotto’s 5+Jolly second place prize. Matching the SuperStar on a winning SuperEnalotto ticket can also grow other SuperEnalotto secondary prizes by between 25-100 times, and the SuperStar has its own unique prizes for 2+PB, 1+PB and 0+PB, giving a total of 13 prize divisions!


Save on SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Online

Play SuperEnalotto SuperStar online at theLotter, and enjoy a range of lottery discounts! Receive a 100% bonus money credit on your first purchase when youBuy One Get One Free! Select a 5, 10, 25 or 52-draw multi-draw for up to 25% off, or buy a Powerball subscription and receive every 10th ticket free. theLotter VIP members get extra discounts of up to 20% on all lotto purchases.


How to Win the SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Jackpot

SuperEnalotto SuperStar offers thirteen fantastic prize divisions, including a SuperStar jackpot that has ranged from €1.3 million to close to €180 million – without a jackpot cap, there really is no limit! To win the top prize in Italy’s top lotto, match all six main SuperEnalotto numbers and the SuperStar number, which is drawn from a second drum of balls marked 1-90.


theLotter’s SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Winners

A.K. from Latvia won €578,080 in Italy’s SuperEnalotto SuperStar with an 8-number systematic form that produced 74 winning lines out of the 84 bought online at theLotter. A.K.’s largest individual prize was the 5+1 SuperStar fourth place prize, worth €479,123, and multiple match-5, match-4 and match-3 prizes added just shy of €100,000 to his February 2013 win!


How to Claim SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Prizes at theLotter

Win in any of Italy SuperEnalotto SuperStar’s 13 prize categories and receive a free win notification via email and SMS to let you know you’re a winner! Any prize up to $2,500 will be sent directly into your theLotter account soon after the results are published. The maximum Italian tax liability on SuperEnalotto SuperStar prizes is only 6%.


Lottery Drums - Which Drum Decides Which Numbers?

The six main SuperEnalotto winning numbers a drawn from a single drum containing 90 balls, and a seventh bonus number called the Jolly Number is drawn from the same drum. If you win at the SuperEnalotto and have played the SuperStar version, you will want to pay attention to the eighth number, called the SuperStar, drawn separately from a second drum. It could make your win and celebrations even richer!


Latest News About SuperEnalotto SuperStar Lottery Players

With no jackpot cap or jackpot roll downs, the SuperEnalotto SuperStar lottery can rollover indefinitely. This has led to some of Europe’s biggest lotto jackpots, which in turn has inspired lottery tourism to the Mediterranean hotspot. In July 2012, international pop sensation Madonna was one such lotto tourist, and won €120,000 worth of secondary prizes. Madonna very generously donated her winnings to help pay for school construction costs in Malawi.