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EuroMillions gives you €15 million to €190 million worth of jackpots you could win every Tuesday and Friday night. Buy your official EuroMillions tickets online from anywhere in the world and become the next euro multi-millionaire!
Europe - EuroMillions
€ 68,000,000

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How to Play EuroMillions Lottery Online

Buy official EuroMillions lottery tickets online by selecting five main numbers (1-50), and two Lucky Stars (1-11). An official EuroMillions ticket will be purchased on your behalf by theLotter local offices in Spain and scanned into your private account before the draw. Click here to see how the service works. Choose a 3-line or 5-line ticket, or select a 6, 7, 8 or 10-number systematic form, which will provide every combination of your chosen numbers, offering more ways to win!

EuroMillions is drawn in Paris every Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 CET*, holds the European jackpot record for a €190,000,000 top prize awarded in August 2012, and can rollover 12 times before reaching its cap!

*Wednesday and Saturday 08:00 AEDT


Perhaps You Also Want to Enter a EuroMillions Raffle?

Players who wish to also be entered into a raffle draw should play EuroMillions UK. Twice per week, a 9-digit alphanumeric code is selected in the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Raffle. If the code drawn matches the one printed at the bottom of your ticket, you stand to win a fantastic £1,000,000 tax-free prize!


Save on EuroMillions Lottery Tickets Online

The best way to buy lottery tickets online! New players can enjoy our Buy One Get One FREE offer, and everyone has the chance to save up to 25% with a 5, 10, 25 or 52-draw EuroMillions multi-draw, or receive every 10th ticket free with a EuroMillions subscription. VIPmembers save up to 20% on all purchases at theLotter!


How to Win the EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot

EuroMillions has a starting jackpot worth €15,000,000 and a jackpot cap of €190,000,000, making it one of the world’s biggest lottery games and a Euro lottery star! Any player that matches all five regular numbers, as well as both Lucky Stars selected on Tuesday or Friday’s draw is entitled to their share of the multi-million euro EuroMillions top prize. If you play with a systematic form, you can win multiple times and in more than one prize division on the same ticket, leading to bigger wins when your numbers prove lucky. On top of the jackpot prize, there are additional 12 secondary prizes in every EuroMillions draw!


theLotter’s EuroMillions Lottery Winners

In October 2013, I.K. from Hungary won a staggering €489,777 EuroMillions 2nd place prize when he matched five main numbers and one of two Lucky Stars after buying his lottery tickets online. I.K. selected the numbers 5, 25, 36, 46 and 47, with Lucky Stars 5 and 6, missing just 2 and 6 to turn him into an instant Euro multi-millionaire! Read more about this EuroMillions win here.


How to Claim EuroMillions Prizes at theLotter

Receive automatic email alerts and FREE SMS winning notifications when your lucky numbers come in! All wins up to $2,500 go directly into your account soon after the lottery results are published. Larger prizes may require you to collect your winnings in Spain, one of the world’s foremost lottery countries. EuroMillions wins up to €2,500 are tax free; all prizes over this amount are subject to a 20% local tax.


What is the Latest Time to Buy EuroMillions Lottery Tickets Online?

You can buy official EuroMillions lottery tickets online as late as 20 minutes before that night’s draw. EuroMillions lottery ticket sales close on theLotter at 20:40 GMT and the draw takes place at 21:00 GMT. Buy multi-draw or subscription packages to never miss a draw in Europe’s biggest lotto and check results on theLotter from 22:00 GMT every Tuesday and Friday!


Latest News About EuroMillions Players

As of January 2014, France was on top of the EuroMillions winners by country tally, with approximately 25% of EuroMillions jackpot winners when measured against the eight other participating countries. The biggest EuroMillions jackpot won so far in 2014 was a €130,277,770 top prize shared by players in France and Spain.