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U.S. - Powerball
$ 150,000,000
Powerball lottery excites players from all around the world. With jackpots starting at $40 million and snowballing into colossal winnings, an easy-to-play format and eight amazing secondary prizes, this US lotto a favourite for world-wide lottery fans! With its sights set on reaching a $1 billion top prize by 2022, Powerball is capturing imaginations across the world with its enormous prizes! Enter your five numbers and an additional Powerball here for a chance to win!






One of the leading US lotto games, Powerball is also one of the best known lottery names world wide! Powerball numbers are responsible for the largest jackpot win on a single ticket of $590 million won in May 2013. With an outstanding reputation and well-known play process, many international lotteries have based their rules and format on the US Powerball, including the Australian, South African, and New Zealand Powerball lotteries.

USA Powerball History

The USA Powerball is an updated version of a previous game called “Lotto America” and received its current name in 1992. At the outset, Powerball was offered in 23 states and is now sold in 44.

The powerhouse lottery that broke its jackpot record in May 2013 underwent Californication! The multi-state lotto’s widespread recognition across the United States and abroad, offers every indication that Powerball will be a huge hit in California where lotto fans have been tapping their fingers in anticipation. Players in California should take note; California Powerball does not support the Power Play option and the prizing is not fixed but is based on a parimutuel system that determines the size of each prize by sales and number of winning tickets.  

New Records -
In November 2012, the US Powerball seemed like it would never stop rolling over. After 15 rollovers and having handed out over $100 million in secondary prizes, the popular American lottery finally awarded a record jackpot worth $588 million. The lottery draw found two winning tickets in Missouri and in Arizona, where two lucky ticket holders got to split a jackpot equivalent to seven tons of gold!

In May 2013, this record was beaten as the Powerball lottery jackpot reached new heights, breaking its own record and making an 84-year-old woman, Gloria C. Mackenzie from Florida, $590 million richer!

Just a few months later, the Powerball lottery continued in its footsteps to create a new 3rd place record in August 2013 when the jackpot rose to $448.4 million and was divided among three tickets with winning Powerball numbers.

USA Powerball Rules

To play Powerball, players choose 5 numbers from a guess range of 1-59 and an additional number (the Powerball) from a different guessing range of 1-35. At the time of the lottery draw, the additional number (the Powerball) is drawn from a separate drum. The additional number allows lottery players to win secondary prizes and is essential to complete the jackpot winning number selection.

When playing the lottery online with, players can choose a 3 or 5 line form and can select numbers with a random number selector (Quick Pick), use pre-selected numbers saved on theLotter (My Lucky Numbers) or manually select numbers (Natural Selection). Additionally, players can ensure they are entered into all lotteries while enjoying incredible discounts with a Subscription or Multi-Draw exclusively at theLotter.

The US Lotto Powerball offers a prize multiplier option, the “Power Play”, that enables players to multiply secondary prizes by 2-5 times. The Power Play doubles the second prize to $2,000,000 and multiplies other prizes by 2-5 times, depending on the Power Play number of the respective draw.  

The American Powerball is played every Wednesday and Saturday in the US at 23:00 PM EST, and ticket sales close three hours before that night's draw. Players can find the draw results every Sunday and Thursday at 07:00 GMT on theLotter.

Winning the USA Powerball

This US lottery has nine prize categories, and to win the jackpot players must select five numbers as well as the Powerball. Additionally, the additional number (the Powerball) is required to win the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th prize categories.

Wins are taxed at a rate of 36.00%*, and winners have 60 days to claim their win. In the event of an unclaimed prize, the proceeds are distributed to the 44 states participating, and the funds can be used at their discretion.

USA Powerball winners can choose to collect their winnings in a lump sum (a jackpot winner’s choice to receive all winnings at once which may be less than the annuitized payment)  or through an annuity (any structured fixed jackpot payments that are given over a specified period of time).

The USA Powerball historic jackpots include: the May 2013 win of $590.5 million won by an 84-year-old winner, $588 million shared by two winners in 2012, the August 2013 $448.4 million win divided between three winning lottery tickets - one belonging to 16 co-workers, the most recent $400 million won by a sole winner on September 18th 2013, $365 million shared by eight people in February of 2006 and a $340 million prize won by a fortunate family in October 2005. For players looking for even higher jackpots, the American Mega Millions lotto holds the record for the world.

US Lotto Powerball Anecdotes

The Brooklyn Dodgers - 20 Brooklyn Dodger fans who had worked together in Costco in New York won’t need to be trading baseball cards for cash anymore. In June 2011, the co-workers won the USA Powerball’s $201.9 million jackpot and in commemoration of the team that brought them together proudly called themselves the “1937 Flatbush Avenue Dodgers LLC”.

Just a Hunch - In  August 2011, a man from Minnesota had an inkling that night would be his lucky one. So, while he usually purchased one Powerball ticket, he instead decided to purchase five. He was feeling so sure about his good vibe that he told the clerk, “you don’t need to sell any more tickets - I have the winning one". His hunch was spot on as that night one of his five tickets matched the jackpot, enabling him to claim the staggering $228.9 million Powerball lottery jackpot.

US Powerball Lottery Numbers

American Powerball lottery numbers produce giant prizes throughout the lottery’s nine prize divisions. Read about the US Powerball lotto jackpot here. In April 2012, a theLotter customer from the UK matched the five Powerball numbers needed to win the $1 million second prize, only one month after his first ticket purchase! The Power Play prize multiplier increases the impressive second prize to $2 million.

US Powerball Lottery Winners Build Grocery Store

Bondurant, Iowa – Small town USA with a population of only 4000, is so small it didn't even have its own grocery store. This is something, the 2012 US Powerball $202 million jackpot winners Brian and Mary Lohse, have decided to change. Up until now, the town’s residents were required to drive out of town to get their groceries. The store that cost about $4.5 million to build will be open by April, 2014. What would you do for your town if you won the US Powerball?