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Spain - La Primitiva
€ 24,300,000
La Primitiva broke all records when it reached €73 Million following 39 rollovers on Thursday February 20th. Two lucky persons then scooped up the amazing prize the following draw which took place on Saturday February 22nd. As the jackpot starts over, take part in the next Spanish La Primitiva draw  for a chance to be in on the action!






La Primitiva is the most popular of Spain’s lotteries, offering attractive prizes and impressive winning odds which frequently land the Spanish favourite in theLotter’s theSmart lottery category.

Please note that the declared jackpot on theLotter reflects the prize for correctly matching six numbers and the Reintegro number. The 6 + Reintegro prize category is not shown in the results table on this page which represents secondary prizes only. Information regarding the current La Primitiva jackpot is shown in the yellow ‘Play Now’ ticket at the top of this page and on the right hand side of this page (which also features recent jackpots and recent Reintegro numbers).

La Primitiva History

La Primitiva held its first draw on December 10th, 1763. The lottery’s name means “the primitive one,” which points to its long history in Spain. The original La Primitiva play structure required players to match 5 numbers in a range of 1-90. In 1862, La Primitiva was removed from play by royal order but was later reestablished on August, 7, 1985. Following its return, the lottery was run by the Organismo Nacional de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (ONLAE) and adopted the play format that is still used today.

La Primitiva awarded a record jackpot of €32 million in January 2013 which it then bettered on 22nd February 2014 to set the latest La Primitiva record jackpot of €73 million, following 39 rollovers spanning over more than four months!

La Primitiva Rules

The modern La Primitiva lottery format employs a single drum with a guess range of 1-49. To participate, players select 6 numbers which are randomly selected from the drum, known as a “bombo” in Spain. Lottery officials will draw a seventh number, called a bonus ball, from the same lottery drum as the regular guess set. The bonus number cannot count towards the jackpot prize but creates a second place 5+1 prize.

In November 2012, the La Primitva lottery added a new prize category for the 6 + R (Reintegro) prize. Jackpot winners who correctly match six numbers as well as the Reintegro number randomly assigned to players' ticket collect an additional sum on top of the jackpot prize. A portion of the prize fund in each draw is allocated to this special prize category so that 6 + R winners enjoy a bigger lottery jackpot win! 

Players can choose to play a 4 or 8 line entry or select a systematic form, which creates all possible entry combinations of 8, 9, 10, or 11 numbers and increases the chances of winning a prize. Lottery players at theLotter can select their numbers from their saved choices on theLotter (My Lucky Numbers), manually (Natural Selection), or with the random number generator (Quick Pick). theLotter offers a subscription or a multi-draw to ensure players never miss a draw while enjoying great discounts!

Sales for La Primitiva lottery tickets on theLotter close three hours prior to the draws which take place on Thursdays and Saturdays at 20:30 GMT.  La Primitiva Results are available on theLotter at 21:30 GMT, the same day as the draw.

Winning La Primitiva

Players can win the jackpot by matching their six number picks between 1 and 49 to the six lottery balls selected in the lottery drawing as well as the Reintegro automatically printed on their ticket. The odds of winning the 6+R La Primitiva jackpot are 1:139,838,160.

La Primitiva’s jackpot begins at €3 million and rolls over until the top prize is won. With a generous rollover policy, the jackpot value can rise quickly. 

The popular Spanish lottery doles out $1.39 billion every year in jackpot and secondary prizes, which span the range of match 6, match 5 + bonus ball, match 5, match 4 and match 3. All prizes are paid in a lump sum.

As of 1st January 2013, Spanish lottery prizes that exceed €2,500 will be subject to a government legislated tax at a rate of 20%.

La Primitiva Statistics

La Primitiva’s attractive winning odds, value, and jackpot make it a regular in theSmart category, which ranks lotteries according to their cost-benefit ratio. The number most commonly drawn in La Primitiva Lottery draws is 39, and the number that appears least frequently is 49. According to federal regulation, at least 70% of all profits must be allocated to payment of the jackpot and secondary prizes, leaving the remaining funds for various local charities and operational costs.

La Primitiva Anecdotes

Jackpot for Social Justice – In June 2011, a 34 year-old Spanish man joined the tens of thousands fighting for social reform in Puerta del Sol, Madrid. Little did he know that while protesting funding cuts to welfare and unemployment, he had won €1,348,910 in La Primitiva. Following the realization of his big win, the lucky social reformer returned home from the demonstration to continue efforts for reform with a cushier bank account.

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Next La Primitiva Jackpot (6 + Reintegro)

For the upcoming 2014/32 draw, the jackpot is €24.3 million.

Recent La Primitiva Jackpots { 6 + Reintegro}

For draw 2014/27 the jackpot with the Reintegro was €23 millionThere was no jackpot winner
For draw 2014/26 the jackpot with the Reintegro was 
€21.4 millionThere was no jackpot winner
For draw 2014/30 the jackpot with the Reintegro was €20.7 millionThere was no jackpot winner
For draw 2014/29 the jackpot with the Reintegro was €19.9 millionThere was no jackpot winner
For draw 2014/28 the jackpot with the Reintegro was €19.1 millionThere was no jackpot winner

Recent La Primitiva Reintegro Numbers

For draw 2014/32 the Reintegro number was:6
For draw 2014/31 the Reintegro number was:6
For draw 2014/30 the Reintegro number was:5
For draw 2014/29 the Reintegro number was:4
For draw 2014/28 the Reintegro number was:6

Match La Primitiva's Reintegro and receive a refund on your official lottery ticket, even if you have won the La Primitiva Jackpot for matching 6+R! Click here for more information on Spanish lotto La Primitiva.