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Italy - SuperStar
€ 17,300,000
Italy SuperStar is an exciting variation of SuperEnalotto, one of Italy and Europe's biggest lotto names! The SuperStar number creates bigger jackpots and multiplies secondary prizes by up to 100 times for Italian lottery fans! There are three chances to win the SuperStar every week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. To play the Italy SuperStar lottery online, click here to enter the next draw at theLotter!





The SuperEnalotto lottery series is famous world-wide for its exciting jackpots which continue to climb to record heights thanks to a no rollover cap policy. SuperEnalotto Super Star brings you the exciting prizes and familiar format of SuperEnalotto in addition to the unique benefits of the Super Star additional number which multiplies SuperEnalotto’s prizes between 25-100 times, add millions to top prizes, and supplements  Italy’s premiere lottery with 8 new prize categories. 


Italy’s popular Enalotto game began in the 1950’s and was taken over in 1996 by SISAL,  a private betting and gaming management company, which gave the lottery a new look and feel.  SuperEnalotto Super Star was launched in its current format in 1997 by Rodolfo Molo, the son of one of SISAL’s original founders with the goal of creating a lottery game with a user-friendly format and massive jackpots.

The first SuperEnalotto Super Star draw took place on December 3rd, 1997 and became an instant hit. Since then, the SuperEnalotto series has continued to make history, splitting its proceeds between SISAL, the Italian Government and various charitable organizations.

The SuperEnalotto holds the current European record for the largest jackpot of €177,800,000 (US$247,943,104), claimed by a single ticket holder in 2010.

Rules and Prizes

SuperEnalotto Super Star enables fans of the classic SuperEnalotto lottery to play the familiar game with the added benefits of the Super Star additional number. To
play the lottery online with theLotter, fill in two blocks with a 6 number selection from the standard SuperEnalotto guess range of  1-90. The Super Star additional number is selected from a separate drum with an identical guess range ( 1-90). The Super Star adds major cash prizes to SuperEnalotto’s five existing prize categories and creates three new prize categories of its own, for a total of 13 different ways to win!  Additionally, a bonus number (Jolly) is selected at the time of draw. The Jolly number is drawn from the same drum as the regular number selection in the lottery draw. In the event that a guess set matches 5 numbers and the bonus number, the player will be entitled to secondary prizes. 

The benefits of the Super Star include:  an addition of €2 million to a SuperEnaloto jackpot prize, an addition €1 million to SuperEnalotto’s second prize, the multiplication of other prize categories by 25-100 times, and a cash prize for players who successfully guess the Super Star alone. 

To see how the Super Star affects the SuperEnalotto prize categories, consult the chart below:


6+Super Star SuperEnalotto jackpot+ €2 Million
6 SuperEnalotto
5+1+Super Star SuperEnalotto+€1 Million
5+ Super Star SuperEnalotto prize x 25
5+1 SuperEnalotto
5 SuperEnalotto
4+Super Star SuperEnalotto prize x 100
4 SuperEnalotto
3+Super Star SuperEnalottox100
3 SuperEnalotto
2+ Super Star €100
1+ Super Star €10
0+ Super Star €5

Participate in SuperEnalotto SuperStar with a one-time entry of 2 blocks or systematic form of 8-10 numbers to play all possible combinations of your lucky numbers. Select numbers manually, use  Quick Pick, or draw your number selection from your saved numbers in your account.

Draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays at 20:00 GMT, closing an average of 3 hours prior on the site. Take advantage of the SuperEnalotto Super Star’s phenomenal prize potential with a Subscription or Multi-Draw package for incredible discounts!


SuperEnalotto SuperStar continues to attract fans from around the world for its impressive uncapped jackpots.

SuperEnalotto began making history soon after its launch when 100 players in the village of Peschici shared a €32,706,977 prize in October 1998. Since then, the lottery’s history continues to brim over with record-breaking jackpots. On May 4, 2005, a jackpot worth €71,767,565 was split between ten customers at a bar in Milan who decided to try their luck together.  Until 2008, the shared jackpot was the biggest in the lottery’s history until it was dethroned by a prize of €100,756,19 which was later knocked out of place by an outstanding €147,807,299 won on August 22, 2009 by a ticket holder in  Toscana.  Currently, the largest jackpot ranks in at an astonishing €177,800,000 (US$247,943,104), claimed by a lone ticket holder on October 30, 2010.

When there is no winner in the 1st and the 2nd divisions, the additional funds are heaped onto the jackpot category for the next draw, ensuring both frequent and lucrative rollovers. Like many Italian lotteries, there is a tax of 1.03% on winnings over €100, a 3.1% tax on winnings over €300 and a 6% on any winnings over €500.00. The SuperEnalotto SuperStar jackpot winners can choose between an annuity (any structured fixed payments that are given over a specified period of time) or a lump sum (a one-time payment) when collecting their winnings from the SuperEnalotto headquarters.


With world-famous jackpots which draw fans from beyond its native Italy, SuperEnalotto Super Star players are always looking for helpful hints on how to take home the universally sought-after jackpot. Since the SuperEnalotto series began operation in its new format in 1997, the 10 most frequently drawn numbers have been: 1, 49, 55, 63, 77, 82, 85, 86, 88, and 90. The least frequently drawn numbers have been:  6, 10,20, 31, 42, 49,  50, 51, 70, and 86. 
Unlike most lotteries, the SuperEnalotto has 90 balls in play, creating slimmer odds to win the jackpot in suspenseful rollovers which can build up for months. From January-August 2009, the lottery which takes place three times a week continued to rollover without a declared winner. After climbing to record heights during 8 months of rollovers,  SISAL announced a lucky winner of €147,807,299 on August 22, 2009.


SuperEnalotto Super Star has no rollover cap, making its numerous climbs to sky-high jackpots a featured news item in various press outlets. You can keep up with SuperEnalotto SuperStar by playing a Subscription or Multi-Draw and enjoy incredible discounts!