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Italy - SuperEnalotto
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Buy tickets for Italy's SuperEnalotto online now to be Italy's star lotto's next winner! SuperEnalotto Italian lottery has distributed some of the biggest jackpots in Europe! The lotto draws winning numbers every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, handing out millions in prize money each week.






The Italian SuperEnalotto is Italy’s premier lottery that boasts some of the most celebrated jackpots in the world. The lottery’s legendary prizes have contributed to “lottery tourism” from Europe and beyond and continue to draw international fans.

SuperEnalotto History

The SuperEnalotto was created by SISAL in Italy on December of 1997 based on the well-known ‘Enalotto’ lottery which had been running since 1950. The SuperEnalotto is SISAL’s star lottery, making history with jackpots such as its record prize of €177,800,000 in October of 2010.

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SuperEnalotto Rules

To play SuperEnalotto, players choose six numbers from a guess range of 1-90. The bonus number (Jolly Ball) is drawn from the same drum as the regular guess set and is counted towards the second prize of 5+1 only. Players can choose to play a 5 line entry or select a systematic form which produces all possible entry combinations of 8, 9 ,10, or 11 numbers and increases the chances of winning a prize.

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Ticket sales on close three hours prior to the draw. SuperEnalotto draws take place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 19:00 PM GMT, and results are available on the site at approximately 20:00 GMT the same day.

Winning the SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto has five prize categories, and to win the jackpot, all six numbers of the regular guess set must match the winning number selection. The bonus number (Jolly) is not required to win the jackpot and is counted towards the second prize only.

In Italy's most popular lottery, SuperEnalotto jackpots have no cap, and there are no roll downs of jackpots. Like many Italian lotteries, there is a tax of 1.03% on winnings over €100, a 3.1% tax on winnings over €300, and a 6% on any winnings over €500.00. The SuperEnalotto's jackpot winners can choose between an annuity (any structured fixed payments that are given over a specified period of time) or a lump sum (a one-time payment) when collecting their winnings from the SuperEnalotto headquarters.

The SuperEnalotto top prize starts at €1.3 million, and grows without a jackpot limit. In fact, the Italian lotto set the record for one of the longest rollovers of all time when in October 2010, after almost nine months unclaimed, a main prize of €177.8 million was won, setting Italy's lottery record in the process. Back in 2009, a jackpot continued to roll over for more than seven months.

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- In November 2011, D.S. from Romania won the 3rd place prize of €56,000 while playing the SuperEnalotto via Customer service at theLotter arranged to fly the lucky winner to Italy to collect his winnings and sign the paperwork. 

SuperEnalotto Anecdotes

Rolling Over and Over… - In 2009, SuperEnalotto experienced a rollover of more than 7 months from the end of January and into August. The rollover became such a worldwide sensation that people flew to Italy just to participate in the SuperEnalotto although they could have skipped the plane ticket by buying a ticket online at Finally, after months of waiting, the jackpot of €147.8 million was claimed by one man from Toscana, Italy. In 2010, a record jackpot of €177.8 million was set in Italy's SuperEnalotto, after almost nine months of continuous rollovers.

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SuperEnalotto Lottery Winning Numbers

SuperEnalotto Lotto Results are drawn three times each week, offering players the chance to match 6 out of 90  lottery numbers and win the jackpot once every two or three days! SuperEnalotto lottery tickets carry a secondary prize for correctly matching the Jolly bonus number selected in the draw and some of the main numbers.