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Germany - Lotto
€ 4,000,000
Play the Germany Lotto to match one of nine prize-winning combinations in the German Lotto results! This European lottery, held on Wednesday and Saturday, offers both a bonus and the super number in order to simultaneously boast large jackpots and eight secondary prizes.






Germany Lotto boasts a wide array of prize divisions, made possible by the inclusion of both a super number and an additional number. With 9 different ways to win, Germany Lotto promises impressive prizes and great winning odds.

Germany Lotto History

Germany Lotto was founded in 1974 by the Deutscher Lotto-und Totoblock (DLTB), which is the official lottery organization of Germany. The DLTB includes a cooperative of the 16 independent lottery organizations in Germany, called the Lotteriegesellschaften. Each organization takes turns presiding over the DLTB in three year increments. Germany Lotto is the most popular national draw of Germany, due in part to the fact that it pays out €5 billion a year in prizes.

Germany Lotto has experienced a wave of notable wins in recent years. In October 2006, one player took home a €37.6 million jackpot. This record was broken in December 2007, when a €43 million top prize was claimed.

Germany Lotto Rules

Beginning May 4th, 2013, Germany Lotto will change its rules regarding the bonus number as well as the secondary prize divisions. The bonus number will be replaced by the "Super Number". Germany Lotto will still use a two-drum lottery system. This double matrix is comprised of one 1-49 guess range and a second guess range of 0-9. The prize categories are also changing with the addition of a ninth secondary prize division that requires players to match two regular numbers plus the super number. To play, select 6 numbers out of 49 and a super number between 0 and 9. At the time of the draw, officials draw 8 numbers in total. First, 6 regular numbers are pulled from the 1-49 range. An additional number, called a Super Number, is then selected from the separate drum with the guess range 0-9. Players must match the Super Number in order to win the jackpot.

When playing the lottery online with theLotter, players can select a form of 6 or 12 lines or enter the draw with a systematic form of 8, 9, 10 or 11 numbers. A systematic form produces all possible combinations of the selected numbers and increases players’ chances of winning a prize. Players can choose their numbers manually (Natural Selection), have the numbers randomly selected by the computer (Quick Pick), or select their numbers from their saved preferences on their theLotter account (My Numbers).

The Germany Lotto takes place twice a week on a Wednesday at 17:00 GMT and on Saturday at 18:00 GMT. Ticket sales close three hours before the draw and Germany Lotto results are available on theLotter starting at 9:30 GMT the morning after the draw.

Winning the Germany Lotto

To win the jackpot, players must match six regular numbers drawn and the additional number, the Super Number, which is drawn from a separate drum. Successfully matching the bonus ball is crucial in winning the third, fifth, and seventh prize categories. In order to win the second prize, match all 5 main numbers drawn. Third prize is awarded to those who match 5 plus the bonus number. Win the fourth prize with 5 main number matches, fifth prize with 4 numbers plus the bonus ball, sixth with 4 number matches, and seventh with 3 main number matches and the bonus number. Match only 2 numbers out of 49 and the super number and walk away a winner with the ninth prize category.

The jackpot starts at €1 million and if it is not claimed, the prize is rolled over and added to the next draw. This generous rollover policy allows for an average jackpot value of €5.24 million. All prizes are tax-free and can be collected in a single lump sum.

To date, Germany Lotto’s biggest jackpot win was €43 million, won by a player in December, 2007. This lucky player received their winning ticket for free from a lottery ticket give-away through a national German newspaper. Prior to this record-breaking win, the biggest jackpot was €37.6 million, won in October 2006.

Germany Lotto Statistics

Germany Lotto has 9 prize categories, which gives players great winning odds throughout the prize categories. 1 in 57 participants take home a prize for just matching 2 out of 6 main numbers and the super number. 50% of all money taken in by Germany Lotto is allocated directly to prize money distribution.

The most frequently drawn numbers are: 38, 22, 29, 45, 30, and 42.

The least frequently drawn numbers are: 7, 3, 28, 32, 36, and 37.

Germany Lotto Anecdotes

Late for Work – In March, 2005, a German salesman stopped by a convenience store to purchase his weekly lottery ticket. During his transaction, the cashier realized that the salesman’s €12 ticket from the previous week had won the first prize. The salesman was too worried about being late for work to celebrate his new €20 million fortune. He immediately ran off to catch a bus to work.

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German Lotto Lottery Winning Numbers

In every German Lotto results draw, eight lottery numbers are pulled:  six main numbers between 1-49  and one super number from a separate 0-9 guess range. Match all six Germany Lotto numbers plus the super number to walk away from the German Lotto Results online a jackpot winner or match at least two main numbers and the super number to win a secondary prize!