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Florida - Lotto
$ 36,000,000
Correctly guess the six Florida lottery online numbers, drawn every Wednesday and Saturday, and win one of the biggest US state lotto jackpots! With four prize categories and a $106 million jackpot record, this is an American lotto not to be missed. Enter now – the next Florida Lottery winning lotto numbers could be yours!
theLotter now offers its players the Florida Lotto XTRA option which awards players an exciting prize when matching just two numbers!






The Florida Lottery is one of the most well-known USA state lottery games with jackpots equal to some of the world’s biggest lottery names.

Florida Lotto History

The Florida Lotto was created by the state of Florida in 1988 with the first official draw held in May of the same year. The state of Florida chose to introduce a lottery as part of efforts to raise money for the Bright Futures scholarship program as well as other educational organizations. The highest jackpot was $106 million in September of 1990.

Florida Lotto Rules

When purchasing lottery tickets online with theLotter, select 6 numbers from a guess range of 1-53. Florida Lottery players can select the XTRA feature which multiplies all non-jackpot wins by 2, 3, 4 or 5 times! The XTRA multiplier is chosen at the time of the draw and guarantees those matching 3/6 numbers a prize worth at least $25 instead of the regular $5 win! On top of that, the FL Lotto XTRA brings an addition prize category worth $2 per every line matching two numbers!

Players can choose from 5 and 10 line entry forms and can have their numbers randomly selected by the system (Quick Pick), draw the number selection from saved numbers (My Numbers), or manually select numbers (Natural Selection). Players who want to ensure never to miss a draw while enjoying significant discounts can purchase a Multi-Draw or Subscription exclusively at

Florida Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 23:15 PM EST in Tallahassee, Florida, and tickets sales close 3 hours prior to the draw. Florida Lotto results are available on every Thursday and Sunday at approximately 7:00 GMT.

Winning the Florida Lotto

The Florida Lotto has four prize categories, and players must successfully guess six numbers out of a guess range of 1-53 to win the jackpot. The lottery’s starting jackpot is $7 million and can continue to grow with no jackpot or rollover cap. 

Florida Lotto winners have 180 days to claim their jackpot winnings and can select to receive a lump sum (a jackpot winner’s choice to receive all winnings at once which may be less than the annuitized payment) or annuity (any structured fixed jackpot payment that is given over a specified period of time) of over 30 years.

US residents who win over $5,000 are taxed at 25%, and non US residents who win any prizeare taxed at a rate of 30%. Wins over $250,000 must be claimed at the official Florida Lotto headquarters in Tallahassee.  To date, the lottery’s highest prize was $106 million in September of 1990.

Florida Lotto Statistics

The Florida Lotto is well known by lotto enthusiasts, making the lottery’s numbers a frequent source of interest for players. The most frequently drawn numbers are currently: 41, 47, 45, 8, and 40. The most infrequently drawn numbers are currently: 28, 22, 33, 38, and 2.

Florida Lotto Anecdotes

A Charitable Loss- In 2003, the lucky ticket holder never came forward to claim the $53.7 million jackpot. After waiting the required 180 days, lottery officials gave 80% of the $53.7 million over to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund, helping many children further their education.

Persistence Pays Off- In May of 2011, a 66 year old man won the Florida Lotto jackpot of $35 million. The winner had in fact been playing the same numbers since the lottery started in 1988, more than 20 years! The man added that he planned on continuing his Florida Lotto routine in hopes of winning again.

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Florida Lotto fans can also check the official website for results here.

Florida Lottery Winning Numbers

Florida Lottery boasts a classic pick-six lottery structure that creates huge jackpots. Match three, four, five or six numbers in the Florida Lottery results to win one of the US Lottery’s great prizes, including some of the biggest US state lotto jackpots ever! Your ticket might hold the next winning lotto numbers for Florida Lottery!